There is something wrong with the laptops power supply. It doesn’t show the cord as being plugged in. When I close the top, I can wiggle with the power cord a bit to get the light to come on in the front to show it’s charging…or plugged in. In any case, my time on the laptop now seems to be limited to it’s battery time. :( Why does everything bad have to happen to both computers at the same time? I mean that totally sucks.

I’m also not feeling that great. I ate some trail mix today and then afterward sort of felt nauseous and like there was a pain in the middle of chest. Tim said it was probably heartburn. But I thought heartburn was when you feel acid burping up or something. In any case, I tried two tums and the pain and nausea persisted for another couple hours. It seems to have gone away right now, but I still kind of feel blah.

Walking is so hard at points. I mean, Crouton is pushing on my bladder to the point where even after I go to the bathroom, two minutes later if I am walking each step is excruciating like I really need to pee again. It was never like this with Morella! With her it was cute little jabs to the bladder, but this is … well … it’s torture. And the moving and shaking of Crouton — I swear this kid is going to puncture a hole somewhere with her force and strength. In fact, that is now one of my new worries that IS going to doing to something to the amniotic fluid before she is completely done cooking because how can such strong movements be normal? I mean, it takes my breath away and makes me stop, and it … hurts.

Oh great the laptop is doing something wonky now. Sigh. I should go to bed anyway. Oh and did I mention that anytime I do any kind of real physical stuff —- like this past Saturday, Morella and I went to the Capitol to see some cows (Cows on the Concourse) so that Tim could sleep in and give us an outing before the rain and bad weather started (which it never really did). Anyway. so we got back after an hour and lots of walking and pushing a stroller and I can’t believe how ill I felt. My stomach was braxton hicking itself all the place, I felt cramps and I needed to lay down. Morella didn’t take a nap at her usual time, Tim was gone, so I got her up and felt kind of bad just sitting on the couch and letting her play and talk without too much interaction. Finally she went to sleep two hours later and I still felt like crap and went to bed. It was only after three hours did I feel back to normal.

I feel so bad for saying or even thinking this, but …. I am starting to really understand how women can say they are ready to be done with pregnancy and just meet the little bugger. I feel like if I openly admit that then I am wishing for Crouton to get here early — which I am not. I want Crouton to get here when her lungs are mature and she is ready. However, I won’t lie when I say I hope that “ready” is a week before her due date or something instead of being two weeks over like Morella. I can’t imagine going that long. Then again the infertile part of me says “Shut up and be grateful.” Sigh. My chest is starting to hurt again. Right between my breasts above my stomach. Is this heartburn? Gah, where is the gauge on my body that tells me what’s it is.

I have a doctor’s appointment this week. For sure I am not going to see how much I gained. I don’t think it’s that much considering that my appetite has started to falter. But then again you never know. I know I sure feel much bigger everywhere and looking at pictures of me is almost painful. Ha ha. I won’t feel that way in a couple of years, just gotta remember that. ;) I plan on taking Morella with me since it should be a quick in an out. Then after this it’s every two weeks. Yikes!

I also have a ultrasound appointment on Monday the 15th at 3:00PM. Anyone want to watch Morella for me?

This week is going to be busy. Trip to my Dads on Thursday. Spend the night. Graduation lunch with Andrew and family since his High School is having their graduation ceremony at 8:00PM Friday night. Uh…what? That’s insane. Obviously they want no one to attend the ceremony. Plus that night we are going to be camping after we drop Mobug off her grandma’s. Hm. I don’t want to think too hard about it yet. Just thinking of finally finishing the job on the kitchen is making my stomach turn. I have to make room for the movable dishwasher and rearrange. I just need … time to do. Time and energy. When is this nesting going to kick in? I really could use that extra burst of energy and nudge. I’m starting to feel a little left out on that pregnancy phenomenon. I mean, I get to experience uncontrollable farting, constant need to pee, swelling, insomnia, hip pain, leg pain, cramps, etc but I don’t get one of the GOOD ones?

Okay. bedtime.

But before I do…I wanted to note a few Morella thing for the record:

–can close doors using the doorknob while standing on her tippy toes
–has climbed the toliet (and caused problems), and her small bookshelf in the living room
–tries to sing “Are you sleeping, Brother John?”
–Still throws massive fits over diaper changes
–wants baths again but only during the day and for varying amounts of time
–is having “conversations” with me, Migo and her stuffed animals daily, complete with head shakes, gestures, pauses, smiles and looking at me to see if I can understand her.
–seems to want to go out every day … and not just outside to play but actually GO somewhere like on a walk or a car ride to a store or an adventure.
–eating apples like a little squirrel
–leaps and bounds improvement in using a fork
–can read almost everything on the green coffee table, and long narrow table in the kitchen. Obviously she’s grown an inch or two the last month.

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