I am feeling a little better this week. I have been taking it easy and doing things slowly. I managed to clean the living room yesterday which was nice. I would love to do the kitchen today, and in fact should probably be in there but Morella is taking a nap and I think I should recover from this morning. Noah came over for an hour and a half this morning while his Mom tried to get some work done. Her Nanny is out for the month travelling and her husband had to take some last minute class. I offered more hours for to watch Noah because Morella has so much fun with him. Before he had shown up, she has just pitched at 15 minute temper tantrum because I wouldn’t let her sit on the computer chair.

Man she is such a little show off….and she LOVES to tackle Noah with hugs. But it was so nice having him here because she was immediately distracted and played with him. She’s really a social little girl. I think it might actually be a really good thing that we are having another baby so soon, and a girl at that so that she will have someone to play with later on.

Today I have to make room in the kitchen for the new dishwasher. I think that is the other reason I would like to clean it – -because there will be “people” in the house.

We still need a dog sitter for this weekend. Why is this weekend so popular?

I have to make some phone calls today that I have been putting off for almost a week. I really hate talking on the phone. I mean — I guess I am okay doing it once in a while when I am bored and just want to chat. But for mucky things like people I don’t talk to often or aren’t familiar with I just get so uncomfortable. I much prefer calling for specific things like ‘How much are your dishwashers?” etc.

Laura – garage sales around here usually start on Thursday and go to until Saturday. If you are having a short garage sale then it’s Friday and Saturday. Usual times are between 8:00 – 3:00. No one has garage sales on Sunday. I know I thought it was weird when I moved here too, like “Come on, people have to work!” but now that I am part of the SAHM Guild, I notice that Thursday and Friday garage sailing is actually the best. You get such good stuff and there are actually quite a few other people out and about.

Sarah – luckily the heartburn has not returned. It might have just been me overdoing it on trail mix. I have since started using a measuring device.

Sigh. I should get back to work. I think the laundry in the dryer is done, and I need to put the wash into the dryer, and then wash a blanket that needs to hang outside. I could also work on cleaning the kitchen… :( Morella is so cranky today (and yesterday and the day before) with that bottom right molar that I feel like I am letting her down somehow.

My kitchen needs and organizational makeover. So does the office and the bedroom. Tim and I were talking about things that need to be done before Crouton gets here and … 1. The bedroom (make room for cosleeper and rearrange). and 2. Bring up 0-3 month clothes. and 3. Someone needs to help me throw myself a Casserole party so that we’ll have food for those first few weeks. ;)

Is it tacky to throw that party yourself? I had heard a great idea where you just have a party and anyone that comes with food gets entered into a raffle for a gift certificate to a restaurant. I kind of like that idea!

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