32 1/2 Week OB Appointment

Today was the last of my monthly appointments and now they are every two weeks. I had a nightmare about this upcoming appointment the other day because I read in a Birth Club community that a woman’s doctor had lectured the woman about gaining too much weight. She was up to 35 pounds I believe and at 28 weeks? I’m not sure. Anyway. I had a dream where the doctor said the same to thing to me and I was crushed and devastated and all that stupid crap.

Anyway. I mean the gestational diabetes test was a good thing for me in that I stopped eating so much sugar and going over board. Also in the last week, I have noticed that my appetite has started to decrease — which is a good thing. I didn’t initially find out how much I had gained after getting a few mild statements that I interpreted to be the third degree…I did end up looking and doing a little math.

First of all she said “I see it was a another gaining month.”

“Yeah I guess,” I replied “But my appetite had decreased should it should start leveling off.”

“Well that would be in our favor,” she answered.


Okay. I have gained a total of …. 27 pounds so far, which I didn’t gain until the last four months.
2/11 – 3/12 = 5lbs
3/12-4/13 = 11lbs
4/13-5.13 = 4lbs
5/13-6/10 = 9lbs

Total = 27

Okay and after MUCH digging around (I had to find my paper journal), I see that at my 32W1d appointment with Morella I was at a 25 pound weight gain. So the difference of two pounds — doesn’t strike me as that much different! And then looking ahead with Morella at 34 1/2 weeks I was up to 31 pounds.

One more thing, I do remember that being the pattern with Morella, a modest weight gain one month followed by a big jump the following much. After the 34 /12 week appointment I opted out of knowing and the doctors were kind enough to not say anything unless it was important. Which they didn’t.

So. Yeah. Please tell me to stop worrying about this and ignore what the doctor says. :( I mean, I wasn’t too overboard with Morella…and I lost it all within a year without trying so I should expect the same for Crouton right? Trust my own instincts…that sort of thing? Other than that, my blood pressure was awesome 104/60 and I am perfectly healthy.

I hate doctor appointments.

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