Oh no, not another outage blogger — it seems like most of the time that happens something bad happens to my blog. :( *crosses fingers*

We are back from a hectic weekend that involved lots of driving and an unhappy, overtired toddler, an awkward graduation dinner at Perkins, my Dad recounting the day that his wife left him over and over, camping at High Cliff park, getting lost in the dark, visiting with friends and family over a roaring campfire, forgetting our toiletry bag, seeing Morella display separation anxiety for Tim and I (that is a little heartwrenching), etc. We survived and I was honestly a little sad that the weekend was over and that I really want more vacation. I need one more mini-vacation before Crouton gets here. One more. How can I fit that in?

I feel a little bit bad that Morella went to bed in her clothes, and all dirty. In our defense, she had a big weekend that involved lots of outside time and car traveling which she can’t stand after 2 hours. I can understand that, really I can — but dude baby — sleep! Of course she didn’t sleep. She went to bed one night at 11, another night at 8ish, her daytime naps were all screwed up and so when she finally feel asleep in the car 15 minutes before we got home and upon entering the house pointed to her bedroom and crib and gratefully placed her head upon her own bed, we just let her sleep. She hadn’t stirred since. She did have a clean diaper change right after a McDonald’s dinner of a cheeseburger and some fries and apple juice so she was set. And really, 6:15 isn’t that much earlier than her regular bedtime of 7. I am going to have to change her sheets and give her a bath before the return of babybook time tomorrow morning.

Myself, upon returning, took a shower. I was shocked when I glanced into the mirror and saw how much the belly had grown. I think Crouton really popped this past weekend, it must be all the fresh air. Incidentally, it was the first time camping where I went to bed around 11:30PM both nights. In my defense, sitting in camping chairs for a long time looking at fire gets hard on the belly — not to mention the constant hikes to the toilet pits. I was almost certain I was going to fill it myself!

Sigh. Back to the grind. :( I guess I wish Friday hadn’t been full of 8 hours of driving and waiting and blah blah blah. Now I am back at the house that is forever in need of being tidied and “made nice”, and cooking, and ….

There were two moments I do want to always remember. One was sitting with Tim and Morella on a park bench next to a cow field eating ice cream. Morella sat between us, happy as a clam and spooned whipped cream and sprinkles into her mouth while we all enjoyed the beautiful summery weather.

The other was lounging in our tent on the air mattress while Morella climbed on Tim’s back repeatedly and fell over dramatically, often in giggles and smiles. It the sort of weekend where I could really tell that she liked hanging out with us and was having a blast with her parents.

Tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday and my last ultrasound for Crouton. The reason for it is to get a few more measurements of her spine and to guestimate her weight. I think the latter one is more for the heck of it.

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