Yikes!  One of the Mom’s in our playgroup sent a message today saying that her son "was diagnosed with a suspected case of H1N1 flu virus" and that "Our Dr. said the flu is pretty prevelant right now in the community and she’s seen a lot of younger kids under 2 y.o. in with it recently".  (We have the same pediatrician).    The incubation period for this between 3-7 days.  The last time I saw her son was last Thursday…BUT …. he hung out with a baby and Mom on Monday morning outside in a park, and later that afternoon that Mom and baby watched Morella while I went to an ultrasound appointment.


I am thinking that we are in the clear as far as Noah (boy with hini virus) because in all contact cases we were outside, no sharing of sippy cups happened, and it was sunny and hot which would kill viruses faster. So it was from Noah then we would be clear tomorrow, but if she got it from Leo, the baby on Monday then we have to wait until Monday…but you know in any case you gotta wait it anyway. If there are cases of lots of 2 and unders, then germs could be incubating everywhere.   I am going to try and not get too concerned about and just keep social activities outside where toys aren’t shared. 

Still, she and her son are now in a quarantine (at home) for seven days past the fever.  Tim of course asked "Is her husband quarantined too?" meaning if Morella or I got it, would he have to skip work for a week? I wonder.  He also wanted to know if they were sure going to send a culture for identification.

I thought summer was the safe season! 

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