Morella has gone to the bathroom, closed the door and was relatively quiet (talking to herself) for a few minutes. I went in there to investigate and found this. She was sitting on the back of the toilet, washing her hands in the cat water. How did she get up there? Sheesh. She was quite proud of herself and very, very chatty. She had a full on conversation with me about … something. One day her words will make sense, right?

Anyway. It was a busy day. I am sitting on my bed right now with my feet up, utilizing the many pillows I have and resting. I would be on the desktop computer looking at the better pictures and stuff but my feet can’t totally handle that right now. Plus, I am kind of crampy tonight. Maybe it’s the heat or the long day. Who can say, but I do know that general advice is to put your feet up, drink water and relax.

This morning started off with me wanting to put the cats into a soundproof box and setting them outside in the middle of the yard so that they would let us sleep. They were at it a 1/2 an hour earlier than normal and employing all the annoying tactics I hate. 1. Jumping off the window onto one of us (for me they seem to aim for the belly). 2. Jumping off me into the window (one of then stepped on my face). 3. Fighting with each other, 4. Meowling loudly in the hallway outside Morella’s door, 5. Sharpening their claws on the side of our bed and 6. Batting our faces with their paws. Finally I was mad enough to get up, go to the bathroom (and pee while I was there…) and fill up one of the squirt guns I bought for this very purpose. I came out with water blazing and squirted every single on of the furry brats and went back to bed. It actually stopped them! Now the gun is by my bedside, fully loaded waiting until tomorrow morning.

At about 8:00 Tim came into the room telling me to get out of bed and that he needed help. Totally cracking the whip. :P

Today we went to Woodman’s to get the ingredients for the dish I was going to bring to the East Side Mom’s club picnic. I had said I would be “nacho wheels” — and no I had no real good idea how to make them. I just figured they would be like all pinwheels –add enough cream cheese and you got an appetizer. Here is my recipe:

2 packages of cream cheese
1 container sour cream (16oz)
1 package of taco seasoning (I used 1/2 the package because my target audience was kids and you know they don’t like things TOO spicy)
1 bunch green onions
1 package of shredded cheese (I used preshredded as I had to make it as fast as possible)
1 can black refried beans
10 burrito size tortillas

Mix the first three ingredients, then spread beans on tortilla, cover with layer of cheese stuff, sprinkle a few green cut up onions on it, and top with shredded cheese, roll up, slice, and then arrange and voila! Instant hit at potluck. They were all gone except the “polite two”. You know, the last two no one wants to take because they don’t want to appear greedy?

Sadly, the potluck suffered from the “too many treats” syndrome. There were no main dishes, only four appetizers and the rest were sweets. I was a little disappointed and even more so when Morella didn’t want to eat any of it. Later on near the end pigs in a blanket showed up and I was able to feed her two cocktail weenies before giving up altogether. For this reason, Tim and I have decided that we usually will bring savory dishes to potlucks. I think the reason people don’t do that is because it doesn’t seem very special — but moreover because making sweet things is easier.

Also, I didn’t really like the location. The shelter and tables were far away from the playground equipment and there wasn’t much for the kids to play with at the picnic. Morella got a huge scrape on her leg from climbing decorative blocks of concrete, and since it was in a new development there wasn’t much in the way of trees and everything looked like a lego playland.

Morella feel asleep on the drive home for about 5-10 minutes. I had changed her diaper right before leaving so I was able to put her right to bed. I felt sick from eating too many sweets, standing, chasing after Morella and so I gratefully laid down for a nap. Except… “ticka ticka ticka blah blah ga ga da doo” going on through the baby monitor for the next hour. Ugh. Man kid, go to sleep! Except she wouldn’t because she was having fun just hanging out in her crib so and I finally had to get her up because it was clear she wasn’t going to sleep.

I fed her lunch. She ate two bites and declared herself done. She barely ate anything today except for drinking milk.

Then we decided to talk a walk. There was a garage sale going on a couple blocks away so I figured we could check it out. I didn’t see anything I wanted and the whole sale looked a little *too* thrown together. You know, I can tell professional garage sales when I see them, and by professional I mean they do the same one over and over and over…with lots of collectibles. We kept walking and ended up at the Eastmoreland Park where Morella swung on the baby swing for a small eternity and nearly falling asleep several times. After about 25 minutes I packed her up and made the long trek home. Did she want to eat then? Take a nap? Oh heavens no.

Outside we went. Oh crap…that reminds me that stuff is still out there! I didn’t put anything away. Whoops! Tim can do it when he gets home. Yeah…

Anyway. So I filled up some water stuff for her, opened the sandbox, and laid out a blanket. She likes to lay on blankets … it’s really cute. We are currently dog sitting right now, so that dog wanted to come out. It immediately took a huge pee in front of Morella’s side, in our play area. It’s also pooped several times in places that I deem to be too close to civilization but the poop is so runny I am not sure it’s even possible to pick up. I am hoping that we do get rain eventually and it will wash it away. As for the pee, I hosed the area down, moved her slide and sent the dog back in.

You know. I don’t know if this is a big secret. But I am really not a dog person…at least right now at this point in my life. Cats are creatures of indifference, they don’t need as much affection and care as dogs do. Before having a baby I could handle it and enjoyed doing it. Now I just see it as another needy thing needing my attention and making things harder. Harder as in, I have to make sure our delicate dog doesn’t get near our rambunctious daughter or any of her little friends. And you know he constantly wants attention, and is whiney and blah blah blah. I’m just burnt out by the end of the day. Maybe dogs will be more fun when the kids are older, and the dog doesn’t need to be handled with such fine kid gloves. You know? Or maybe it’s the whole being pregnant, caring for a toddler and not having the extra energy that is it. I don’t know.

FINALLY, at 4:30 I had enough. I changed Morella’s very wet diaper and her filthy onesie and put her down for a nap. I needed to lay down myself and did so. Tim eventually came home and got his stuff for his game and left. He asked me if I was doing okay and I had said I didn’t feel good. I was feeling crampy and sort of sick again. I think it might be related to the heat…and all that activity I did today. He left before 6. I microwaved some frozen brats leftover from the Memorial Day BBQ we had, cooked some fries and ate a piece of pie before turning on the TV. Morella eventually got up at 6:35.

I fed her dinner, we chatted, and watched a little TV. I decided that she didn’t need to see the full episode of Bones, and turned it off to read books. We did that for a while and then wanted to go back to bed at 8:00. Since then I have been on the computer looking around, and now writing.

I am act
ually feeling sort of tired now. Like, maybe I should use the bathroom, take out my contacts and fill my water bottle for the night and go to bed early. Why not? Maybe Crouton will stop having the hiccups and settle down for a nap.

Sarah is having her baby today … or had it … or will have it soon. That’s like just 38 weeks. I have to admit to being a teeny bit jealous. I just haven’t met that many women in real life who were as overdue as I was with Morella. I just hope that Crouton decides to not be *that* late and doesn’t need a police escort to show her the door…heck a few days before due date would be kind of fun. Anyway, I am thinking of Sarah and her family and hoping all is going well and looking forward to hearing all about the birth story.

Okay. Time to clean the clean laundry that didn’t get put away, off the bed and get ready for some sleep. Tomorrow is Friday…hurray! I should do my belly shot then too since weekends are always so busy.

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