I turned on the air conditioner today, except I didn’t. You see Morella was up howling at 6:00AM this morning. We gave her Motrin and after that she seemed a bit better. Around 9:30 she took a lie down, in which I just left her door open and went and laid down in my bed to rest. I was really tired because yesterday my cousin had come into town and we had a big day on State Street (Memorial Union Terrace, State Street walk, dinner at the Old Fashioned and mocha’s from Michaelangelo’s) and the coffee had made it so that Tim and I were up until 12:30. I also think the heat has something to do with it…a little summer insomnia and daylight infusion.

Anyway. So I laid down for about 1/2 an hour before she wanted out. She didn’t really sleep, she rested, as I had done. I figured there was still plenty of time to head to the play group meeting at Walter so I asked her if she wanted to go to the park and of course she said yes. We headed out. It wasn’t too bad. I took it slow. We got there and chatted with others … turns out the boy with the possible swine flu did NOT have it. Whew!!! Still Morella is not coming with me on Wednesday to my doctor appointment. I pushed Morella in the swing for a long time and then eventually she moved to the slide where standing 4 minutes in the sun made me feel desperately sick and I wanted to go home.

We went home. It was a long, long walk. I closed the windows. Turned on the AC and after a while the house got nice and cool. The day wore on and around 10:30 I get up to get a drink of water and notice “hey it’s kind of warm in here!” I check the thermostat and it says 81. Huh?! Tim then asked me if I turned it on outside and I said no.

So you see, I turned only the air on. The house was kept cool from the basement. That was nice, but now that the cool air is shooting through the vents I appreciate that much more. ;)

When we put Morella to bed, she cried that painful cry and we got her out to give her motrin and time for it to kick in. Let’s just say that 1/2 hour of past bedtime she had, was the most fun she had all day. Geez! I felt mean putting her back to bed when clearly could have gone on for a lot longer. But toddlers need sleep, whether they know it not! She went to sleep after 5 minutes and we haven’t heard a peep since. I hope she gets a good night’s sleep and that those stupid teeth come in soon.

So Byron dropped off a bunch of jewelry, some of his old baby clothes and toys. Morella has been playing with those toys all day. One of them I suspect might have led painting on it, so she hasn’t played with that one. The rest are plastic or unpainted wood. One of them is this little grasshopper that you pull around on a string. I put a string on it and pulled it to show Morella how it worked and I swear when the leg broke (a nail fell out, I hammered it back into a new place) she fought me tooth and nail over it! She loves it! It’s so cute that she likes it. Awww.

My aunt had a ridiculous collection of watches. What should I do with them? Buy batteries and regift them? Find a friend who is interested in clock art? Hm. I was really pleased to find some old Ho Chunk regalia things liked a beaded belt, a three tier necklace and a hair ribbon. So cool. There was also a really, really old handmade indian doll there. I really wish I knew the story to it. Who made it, etc. Alas that information is forever gone. I’ll take some photos of them later this week.

Here are some pictures from yesterday, I gotta get to bed before midnight tonight.

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