Oh my. I think I am sick!! Like a cold or something. It started with a few sneezes and now I have a runny nose and that extra fluid is making my throat hurt a bit, plus I am tired. It could also be coincidental to turning on the AC. I really hope that is it. I don’t want to be sick! More importantly, I don’t want Morella to get sick. :(

I bought a kiddie pool today and bottoms to a maternity swim top lent to my by my friend Rachel. I thought I would never wear it…now look I went out and got brown bottoms to go with it. Sheesh. It’s because Thursday we are planning on the Monona Community pool. I also got Morella a new swimsuit from Old Navy. It’s a full on shirt and bottom…I like that it’s good sun coverage to my pale little flower. Though to be honest, I don’t think she burns easily. She maybe fair but she can handle the sun pretty well.

Tim and I watched Bedtime Stories tonight while I sorted through more jewelry. It was an okay movie. I mean, better than anything else on TV right now that is for sure.

Okay. Going to bed early for a change and hoping that by tomorrow I will be as right as rain. My friend Sigrid is going to baby sit Morella for an hour or so tomorrow morning while I go to my doctor’s appointment. I think she might be nervous. I am hoping that Morella’s reunion with Zilla the deaf bulldog will ease her seperation anxiety.

Tim was a dearheart and made brownies for me tonight. It’s awesome because I am going to give some to Sigrid for watching Morella. Plus I had a brownie sundae tonight just awhile ago and it was delicious! For dinner I made a spin on spaghetti carbonera — I sauteed broccoli, some kind of green, garlic scrapes, and shrimp with oven cooked bacon (I just drained the fat straight into the sauce pan), then mixed it with a jar of alfredo and the spaghetti and voila! Fantastic dinner! I was even able to eat the sea bugs — probably because they were sauteed with bacon. Bacon makes everything good.

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