This has to be about the worst day of this entire pregnancy, right next to the norovirus birthday party. But no, I had help that day. Today was just … awful. This cold is just wrecking me. I have had a pounding headache all day, my nose won’t stop dripping, my throat was so unbelieavably sore. Last night was super sucky because I couldn’t breath both because of the cold and Crouton’s moving is so uncomfortable.

I really wanted to call in sick. To take a break. Except I couldn’t do that. I could barely take a stupid nap this afternoon because of the breathing and nose running issue. Thank god So you Think You Can Dance was on to help keep my mind off the my next tylenol dosage.

Now watch. Morella, who barely at 400 calories today is going to get it. For a moment, I almost wished I had my Mom help…except you know not the Mom I have now. The Mom from when I was 10.

I feel very lonely today.

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