It was another busy weekend. Two more of them coming up and then we are done for awhile for the summer? Maybe?

Tim got his mojo back last week. He totally killed the final two tests on his 2005 SQL certification tests, without even studying or worrying about it. I remember the first test he took (1 of 4), we had spent months studying and getting ready for it, and he was so worried and now look. He rolls out of bed, staggers to the test site and is home earlier than expected having passed. Sheesh.

Then, he competed in the Badger State Games inline 1/2 marathon on Sunday near Appleton. We drove up to his parents on Saturday night after finding a dog sitter for Pluto and … I don’t know what else we did on Saturday. Uh. Oh I got up early with Morella on Saturday so he could sleep in, did breakfast and then took her to storytime at Barnes and Nobles to see Spot the dog followed by a trip to Borders so I could get snack and buy a baby book for Crouton. Morella’s mood turned foul at some point in Borders and we left. Came home and she took a nap while Tim and I napped, putzed and got ready. I picked up vegetables, went online to talk to my little brother about my Mom (she is in the hospital currently) and then cooked a bunch of food. Tim mowed the lawn, weeded and did some laundry.

We got to Tim’s parents late, but it was a super easy transition for Morella because they got a crib! She is so at home in cribs. I hope that doesn’t say anything for a future behind bars…

Anyway. Tim went out to buy soymilk and look at the course with his Dad after she went down and I stayed up making some cookies for my friend Sarah who just had a baby. After that Tim and I screwed around on the Wii fit, which declared me to be obese. Tim is looking forward to the result after Crouton. Ha ha. I am too.

Sunday Tim did his race and got 7th – middle of the pack, along with a score of 1 hour and 1 min or something. Pretty good considering he didn’t train obsessively for that like he had with previous races. Again, just him knocking out goals one after the other! While waiting Morella mysteriously melted down and threw one of the biggest tantrums to date … my goodness. Where are they coming from? Why are they happening? She’s on so many eating strikes lately that we can only assume it’s from teeth. I cannot wait until those blasted teeth are in. Sigh.

After the race, we went back to his parents and had lunch with amazing jello (Morella scarfed that down) and took long naps. It was so nice. Upon waking Morella was beastly, so we gave her some Motrin and took her outside to play with a plastic car that you can ride in for an hour or so before packing up and heading out to visit Sarah. It took us a while to find her place — lots of driving around sleuthing it out, but we eventually found it.

Of course Sarah doesn’t look like she just had a baby, and what’s even more amazing is that BOTH of her kids were sleeping! Yeah, she said that happens a lot. Man, everyone has assured me that Crouton and Morella will not sleep at the same time. Wouldn’t it be a nice surprise if that wasn’t the case? In any case, it was nice to visit with Sarah, Dave and her Mom with just Morella playing with Ruth’s toys. We only lasted about 50 minute before Morella started melting down again. Sarah brought out her new son and he looked just like a little Harrison Ford! Adorable!

They suggested Mary’s family restaurant for dinner and we hit it before heading out of town. Morella didn’t eat a thing, spilled her apple juice and started chatting wiht the patrons on either side of us. Ugh, this girl was barely containable. She didn’t sleep most of the ride home, we picked up Pluto and then made it home before the fireworks started. I was able to put Morella to bed without a problem and then after a little internet time went to bed myself.

Gah. Another night of sleeping propped up because of this cold and Crouton. It just feels so creepy to me to sleep sitting up. When I got up this morning I actually thought to myself “It’s okay, we are in the final countdown to having to do this…” Really? Am I starting to think of Crouton as in the final countdown? It seems a little early still to do that. It’s only a little over 35 weeks…there are still plenty more … I mean if you went by how Morella did then it could be another 7 weeks. That’s like TWO MORE MONTHS! Lots of people have said that super active babies tend to be born earlier, but this kid is super active (kicking as I type this now) and I don’t know. I just don’t believe it. I guess we’ll just have to see.

This morning we did playgroup at the park and Morella opted to swing for most of it. Crabby once again. Came home in time to vacuum before Lowen and Sigrid showed up to look through oodles of jewelery and help themselves. Ate lunch and then put Morella down for a nap around 12. She has been sleeping since then…I hope it’s a solid three hour nap. That girl needs it!

Speaking of needs, I need some more tylenol. It feels like a headache day to me. :( But I love the cooler, windy weather. It’s a nice break from the heat.

Okay back to the grind.

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