Ugh, I think this cold might be finally on it’s way out. I woke up this morning being able to breath and sleeping not propped up, so that is a good thing. It’s another cool and overcast day. I was trying to think of something to do with Morella that she might enjoy. The things she likes most in the world right now are:

stroller rides
looking/playing with other kids
her crib

So… maybe the zoo? It’s cool, we could walk around in the stroller and I would have bathrooms close by should I need them. Ha ha, should? Oh it’s a definite know.

Yesterday I dropped off Tim’s FMLA forms to the clinic. I asked that they call when they are filled out and I would pick them up today, but I wonder if that is going to happen. I feel like I might have to be making a call later on to see. Yesterday Morella and I did a bunch of errands in the morning (dropping those forms off, going to Happy Bambino to find diaper liners, and then Cubs to get her more milk). The rest of the afternoon was filled up by a massive three hour nap and a trip to the park where she swung, played and generally had some fun until she wanted to go home and find something for dinner … or … hang out in her crib which is what I think she really wanted.

I got a package in the mail for some fairy books that I had ordered for my Mom’s belated birthday present. I looked through them while watching TV and then got bored. I then took a super long, hot shower and then looked at everything I look at on the internet before everything had been read and went to bed. These days don’t often happen. I had entertained working on Morella’s baby book..oh wait! I framed a postcard and hung it up…so that is kind of crafty. Sigh. It’s just that the house is a mess, and things require bending over and picking up crap or blah blah blah and I just don’t have the stamina for that at night. So when a night does pop up where I have a little extra energy I don’t know what to do with it. At least if that happened on a Wednesday I could watch So You Think You Can Dance (which I have been doing while doing other things).

What a long post about nothing.

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