Sigh. The clinic called to say the forms hadn’t been filled out yet because my Dr was out yesterday. A fact we all knew, and any doctor would have sufficed. But instead, whoever has their grubby hands on them decided my doctor should be the one to fill them out and will hopefully get to it today and will give me a call when that happens. Um. Okay?

We have not gone anywhere this morning. Morella is STILL out of sorts. I gave her some tylenol about 15 minutes ago and she gave me huge meltdown over a diaper change. I put her to bed after that. Aside from a little seasame Street time this morning and breakfast with Daddy, she has spent most of the morning in her crib. I went in there and read her poetry and books for about an hour before putting clothes and toys away.

I wish I knew why she was feeling so out of sorts. Is it the grey, cold overcast day? Is it that I can’t run around and play with her? I can’t just pick her up and fly by the seats of our pants wherever adventure wants to take us? I feel like it’s going to be one of those days were you just keep slogging through and hope the forecasters are right about the sun coming out later.

My nose is still full of snot — maybe the cold is not out yet. I guess I’ll go and get dressed and make the bed.

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