It was a pretty good day. Morella had gone to bed yesterday at 6.30, and the day before it was 5:10 and she did sleep through the whole night both times. Maybe she is growing? All the sleep is doing her some good though because she seems to be coming out of her little funk.

Anyway. Today I decided that I was going to fool myself into thinking that I am not that pregnant and I can still do plenty of normal things like take Morella to the zoo. I stopped at McDonald’s on the way to get me an iced coffee and her a sausage patty and we were on our way. Tim had asked about garage sales this morning and I told him “I honestly don’t have it in my to do that right now. Carrying Morella in and out, watching her while shopping, and I can’t run after her if she makes a run for it.” It’s true. Just the thought of it exhausts me. I can do the zoo. Put her in a stroller and push.

I didn’t plan on the zoo being as nuts as it was. I guess a lot of people had today off because the fourth is on Saturday. We looked through the aviary, looked at a bear, almost petted some goats and then left to go wade in the beach. That lasted like two minutes. I swear, Morella was the most unadventurous kid. On our way back to the car, we passed the playground and she spied the swings. Five minutes later she ended up on the swings for a few minutes before her lack of a nap ….

man I am tired. This post is losing it. I should just hurry up and finish.

Came home. She slept a total of maybe 15 minutes. Got her up. She played really good around the house while I cleaned. We went outside to play and got eaten alive by mosquito’s. I gave up after 15 minutes and 9 bites (not to mention the several Morella got on her face). It was 4:00 by then and she was totally ready for a nap. I changed her diaper and put her down. She chatted for about 5-10 minutes before going to sleep and I took a nap. She woke up at 5ish crying, but stopped after 3 minutes and then finally got up at 6:00 when I walked in to check on her. I had just opened the door to take a peek. A moment passed and then she sat up with a big smile on her face like she was waiting for me to open the door. Even though she hadn’t said a word!

She got up, ran around a bit. I made her a cream cheese sandwich and poured a glass of milk because I felt lazy and like it was Friday and maybe she didn’t have to eat at the table (and besides I didn’t feel like sitting there). Sandwich eaten, and Tim still wasn’t home from his after work beer, I decided to take her out to the Monona Community festival. There was supposed to be some kind of drum exhibition and if it sucked there was always the park.

We show up and the exhibition was teenage bands doing death/speed metal. It sucked. However the play ground was relatively empty for a change so we played there. Morella had fun swinging, crawling around and exploring. An ex-navy wife talked my ear off at the swings — I felt kind of bad for her because it was obvious she was lonely and wanted to meet other other Mom’s but at the same time she was like 25 and so young, and Crouton was kicking me and I had to pee and the teeny midway they had next to the park was really loud.

As we were leaving I decided to walk through the midway with Morella. She spied the carousel and was obsessed with it. I stood by it and we watched for awhile before moving on. As I passed the ticket counter I saw the price was a dollar a ticket and small rides were two tickets. I didn’t have any money so I kept walking. We went around and were heading back to the car when we came up to the carousel again. This time Morella was insistent in making her wishes known to me. She pointed at the carousal, did the sign for want, and raised her arms for me to pick her up. She did this several times with a very serious expression on her face and could barely contain herself. I melted and counted my change — I had just enough for two tickets.

I bought the tickets, counting out my coins. Walked to the carousel and waited patiently for the ride to end, and Morella watched the ride like a greyhound sitting next to a rabbit, and I noticed “This Ride is 3 Tickets”. Oh no. Three? Crap. I had NO money. I looked through my bag to make sure. Looked around and saw no ATM’s. And then decided to try and ask if the dude would let her ride for only two tickets. Turns out he couldn’t do it. Pft. Whatever. I then asked if I could get a refund for those two tickets, and he said I could ask.

I walked back to the ticket booth with a heavy heart. I was about to disappoint my little girl who tried very hard to communicate with me the one thing she wanted to be adventurous on today. I get to the ticket booth and explain the situation to the lady. She takes the tickets and then hands me another type of ticket that says good for multiple people. Wha?!?! She basically gave me the extra ticket — I was astounded and thanked her profusely.

Green ticket in hand we walked back to the carousel where no one else had gotten on in the time we were gone and waited for him to notice us. He did, and we were the only ones to ride it. Morella held on tight and with a very serious expression we rode around and around. As it ended, I told her it was done and for a moment I could she her want to protest before I added “And now we can go home and see Daddy.” There was no more argument. She got into her stroller and drank some milk as we walked to the car and drove home.

She was quite happy to see Tim when we got home, and of course threw a huge fit about going to bed (as in she wasn’t in bed fast enough).

Anyway. I don’t think I will forget that experience with Morella and the carousel for as long as I live. It was one of those special Morella and me moments that are about to end with Crouton’s arrival. Sigh. I should go to bed.

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