I have a really bad headache that tylenol isn’t touching. I drank a cup of extra sleepy time tea and started a load of dishes in the dishwasher as well as put away the food — and that is enough for now. I can’t do any more. My head hurts too much. No it’s not the worst headache of my life it just really, really sucks.

Morella didn’t take a nap today. Not even a short pretend 10 minute nap. She has never done this before. Tim and I both really could have used that nap time too to take a nap ourselves. Maybe I would have been able to get rid of this monster ache before it got worse. She also didn’t get up until 8.45 or so, which is a record sleep in — I didn’t think it would be enough to eliminate a nap though…ugh.

At the suggestion of Burt Bee’s insect repellent from Hilary, we went and got some today at Woodman’s. I also got the stupid Off dry and smooth spray (LAME!) so that I could put the natural stuff on her skin and the deety stuff on clothes. It worked out well, she didn’t end up with any extra bites. I got two just using the super lame dry and smooth spray. What’s wrong with oily deet? And I am tired of the complaints on how bad it smells — it smells like awesome protection, relief from skeeters and safety.

Today was one of those “I’ve been better” days. The head ache, the uncomfortableness of pregnancy, the hormone mood swings, the getting tired and hurty and blah blah blah.

Try easier. Go to bed.

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