Morella’s First Shave
(She’s growing up so fast! *sniff*)

These were from last night and too cute not to share. Morella was getting ready for bed and after she was done brushing her teeth decided that afterward they needed to shave.


In other news. My headache is finally gone today. Hurray! I took a shower this morning and am freshly scrubbed. Morella is wearing an adorable pink summer dress, I’ll have to take a picture of later. I want to take some shots of her and me outside … I guess with the camera on the car using the timer… because this belly is unbelievable! I mean, it’s just so … big. I didn’t really realize how out there it was until yesterday when I took a snap shot of myself and Morella and really looked at the picture. I’d share it, but you know I look like crap and have some restraint. ;)

So after my shower I put on Wisteria perfume from Crabtree and Evelyn. I actually really like perfume and always put some on after taking a shower or when I am going out someplace interesting or special. Not a lot, just a little. This bottle of Wisteria perfume was the last one I bought and I got it as a special gift to myself when I graduated from the Reproductive Endocrinologist to a regular OBGYN when I was pregnant with Morella. I was just thinking today how Crouton needs her own special perfume too. I should go out and see what I can smell….you know, I don’t want to play favorites.

When I got out of the shower today I had this fantasy that my house looked clean like a magazines and everything was in it’s special place, with no cobwebs, dust, clothes on the floor, toys strewn about, papers filed away, all that other crap was where it should be. It was a nice fantasy for a second. Then I wondered if maybe this visualization was a hint of nesting? That would be cool.

Here is one more picture of my cutie pie.

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