Today was my 36 1/2 week appointment. I had to find childcare for Morella because I was going to have to get undressed for the strep B, and cervix check (hopefully the only one before action day). It rained this morning so I ended up giving Tim a ride to work (he skates normally and his bike is currently out of commission), so he went with me to drop off Morella. When it came time to leave he walked out, and I was about to follow when Karen, the woman watching him said “You should say good bye.”

Morella heard the word good bye at that point and came crying towards me. Ugh. I’ll admit. I’m a coward. I hate to see her cry and think it’s just so much easier to leave while she is occupied. However, I can also see why saying good bye and telling her I will be back is better for the long run. Sigh. I said bye bye, she cried I left with that image in my head. Of course later when I picked her up, she didn’t want to leave and Karen said she only cried for maybe a minute. That is so good to know. :D

Anyway. So. The appointment. I gained in two weeks … drumroll please …. .75 pound. Yes, only 3/4 of a pound. Nuts how different it can be towards the end isn’t it? Of course I celebrated afterward by getting an iced McDonald’s coffee and sausage and egg with cheese biscuit in addition to my grocery store donut run. Lol — rest assured I am not hungry for lunch so it should even out.

0% dilation
0% effacement
baby is headdown filling up my pelvis and she is 100% positive it’s the head.

She was really unable to tell dilation or effacement because my cervix is so freaking far back and hidden that she can’t get there. Just like last time. I swear, I have a cervix that was designed for multiples.

However, she does think I will go into labor on my own this time. She is going to be gone during my due date (July 29 – August 3rd). Plus, Tim’s Mom said she can’t baby sit July 27th and 28th…so how many people want to take guesses as to when Crouton will arrive? Anyone?

Despite my best efforts of having the next appointment scheduled in two weeks — she insisted that they be weekly now and I make an appointment for next week. I also went ahead and finished making weekly appointments out until August 12th.

My plan is to start drinking red raspberry leaf tea starting next Saturday, taking evening primrose and walking as much as I can.

This evening we are supposed to go to Concert on the Square for our yearly concert. Tim’s company sponsors this one, so we get VIP seating up front on the Capitol. However, I am not sure if it will be canceled. It’s supposed to rain this morning but then clear off by 1:00, so there is still plenty of time for it not to be canceled. We will know by 3:00. In the meantime, during Morella’s nap I need to put the dishes away, mop the kitchen floor and bake some cake for Hilary to decorate for Friday’s babyshower.

That said, I should probably get going and quit yapping. At least for now.

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