All afternoon post Tidbit style

Start time 3:00PM.

–> I woke up feeling like crap this morning. Overtired, my chest hurts, there is still sinus junk lingering from that cold two or three weeks ago, the pelvic floor pain is unbelievable and walking hurts. Tim then said I snored. A lot and quite loudly and that HE had to do the bed jiggle and nudging. Let me tell you, hearing that you are snoring logs is just not that great to hear. :( I mean, I guess it might explain why my face felt not right this morning and why I feel so tired, and for a long time I was wondering if it would explain why it feels like I have chest conjestion, but I don’t think snoring goes down that deep.

–>I just cleaned up a massive sippy cup fail. She had dropped it earlier and I guess the lid was just barely on. It was a full cup of bean juice and it splashed all over her, the floor and red rug covering wires. Now I need to take that rug outside and hose it down.

–>I am baking banana bread with bananas that I am not sure where rotten or really very overly ripe. I guess we’ll find out in a 1/2 hour more.

–>I also feel vaguely crampy today. Like when you are expecting your period to arrive any minute.

–>I had to return a key to the Monona community center for the shelter we rented on Friday for a Baby Daddy Shower I co-hosted. While we were there, I took Morella to the Dream park and she had 40 minutes of a blast.

–>Banana bread is awesome.

–>Fish fried with cornmeal, and zucchini, onion and some red green type thing saute for dinner. Working on it now.

–>Morella keeps getting into my underwear and pulling it all out of the drawer and then wearing it like a necklace.

—Now Tim is home — I should publish and work on it later.

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