Morella is still sick. Her temperature ranges from 102.4 to 101.1. Three solid days of fever that only goes down a bit with the help of Motrin. Last night she woke up at 3 and spent a good hour being very unhappy waiting for the motrin to kick in. The only way she fell asleep was by having Tim sit by her and then sneak out when she fell asleep. It took him three tries because the first two he kept trying to close the squeaky door. Hm. Gotta fix that door.

Yesterday I had taken her in and the doctor ruled out ear infection or pneumonia by listening to her chest. He said that she probably had a virus that only manifested itself in fever, crankiness and lack of appetite, but that if she still had it on Saturday to take her in and probably access her for a UTI. Sigh.

I really hate it when Morella is sick. She’s so not herself. She’s clingy, indecisive, not hungry, cries at the drop of a hat, doesn’t drink much, apathetic… I wish she could tell me what’s wrong!

I had to cancel my lunch plans with an old coworker today. I was kind of bummed about that because she is so hard to schedule with, in addition to browsing the Moravian all church garage sale and eating a lunch of hotdogs, soda and brats. I guess that was kind of damped by the rain and the record low temperature of 60 degrees today, in conjunction with the grey overcast blah. It’s hard to believe this is the middle of July. But as Tim said this morning “It’s like a gift to a pregnant woman.” Yeah, I think he’s right on that…but 60 is a little excessive isn’t it?

Tomorrow morning we are going to call Urgent Care and bring her in right away. We are both of the opinion that her fever is probably not going to break before then. Right now she is taking a bath so that she can be clean.

So yeah, that has been the last three days for me. Pretty much catering to the whims of a sick toddler and doing whatever little things I can in between. I have also been laying down and gathering my reserves for whatever kind of patience and tolerance Morella needs to get through the day.

Other than that, Tim got a membership to Costco — so we are planning a trip there this weekend where we can explore. :D I also planned a Mom’s night out for my Playgroup for Monday that should be fun. All of my plans are short term these days.

Oh Hilary came over last night and looked through some jewerly. I think I am going to pack it up and store it in the basement for a couple years so that Crouton and Morella can have a blast looking through it one day and dressing up. Oh I guess being with a sick kid means I have gotten weird little tasks like:

-Reattach the lid to a footstool that has been broken for … uh…. a long time
-Reattach the rod in the office closet
-Stuff an airdoll Morella got for xmas and hasn’t worked because it has a hole in it
-Wash that dolls dress
-Weed the garden
-Write some mail
-Send my Mom’s birthday package

Those are off the top of my head.

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