Monday Photo Bonanza

Because of the stressful weekend we had, I didn’t get a chance to take these belly shot photos until yesterday. So a day over 30 won’t make that big of a difference. I wanted to post them before it got too late though. :) Here is the regular photo — the belly has definitely filled out and is much rounder. Crouton must have had a growth spurt. Check out the difference in the progression below. The one prior looks positively pointy.

You can see the bigger image by clicking on the image to bring it to a difference screen. Tim so nicely said “Uff, you are huge.” Thanks darling! I love you too. :D

With my shirt actually on, I had taken this before I remembered the yellow shirt sameness thing I wanted to have going on.

By contrast, check this image out just the week before at 37 weeks. I don’t look pregnant at all! I look just like I am a regular Wisconsin woman.

This is from today. Morella’s rash gets redder the more exerted she gets, but it still hasn’t gone away. Poor dear. Still, I am glad for this rash a bit because it told us what was wrong with her. I hope tomorrow she is back to her old self. She slept ALOT today.

This was her at dinner before I left for my Mom’s night out with my weekly playgroup Mom’s. She looks like a character from Whoville with that “product” (aka frosting) in her hair.

I have a bunch more pictures piling up that I am going to need to post. I might have to gallery it though because there are more for family and friends who were at the events versus just pictures of me or my family.

It’s so interesting to me, how I feel about how I look from pictures last year that I was convinced I look fat, and lumpy etc. When I look at them right now I can’t stop marveling at how awesome I look! What was I thinking? I need to remember that time and circumstances will always change how you think about how you look.

Gah, I need to go to bed. I had a headache all day and my butt is falling asleep sitting here and I am tired.

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