38 1/2 week doctor appointment this morning went well. Absolutely no weight gain which is shocking considering how much swelling I think has occurred. I really have no idea as to how much I gain or don’t gain in any time span because my presumptions are always proved incorrect! It just goes to show that “baby knows best, so quit yer worrying.”

Tim watched Morella at work for the hour while I went because we weren’t ready to take her back and relive the trauma from this weekend. Afterward I celebrated by a late brunch at Daisy Cupcakery — where it was quite obvious that Morella was back in full form being her adorable self. Her rash is also gone. Now my new concern is that she is grabbing her crotch and whining at me during the day. Did she get a real UTI from all the efforts of testing? Or is she aware that she is peeing? Is it that rash on her leg that is bothering her? Gah, tell me kid. What’s wrong now?

A reminder — you are running out of time to get your bid in regarding the Crouton Baby pool. Winning prize is a $10 gift card to Target. Get your guess in now before it looks like cheating. Just click on the Expect.net banner to your left, or click here: http://www.expectnet.com/logingame.php?game_name=Crouton

The house next to us, and the one in the backyard is for sale. I hope that we get cool neighbors. Wouldn’t that be nice?

St. Dennis festival is this weekend. I haven’t been able to go to the Sunday book sale for three years — I am SO going to do it this year. You can get a bag of books for like a buck.

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