Happy Halloween! It’s has been a super busy week.When I say week, I mean starting last Friday and into today. Tonight, I gave up travelling across treacherous lands to the Double Door to see The Legendary Pink Dots ask a random man what they want. (The last time, the man replied…”A million dollars” to which Ed shreiked “A million dollars? Just a million dollars?! Why do you want that? YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU!” Ahh yes. But that was too far to travel. Three times in less than a week crossing over to the Blue line was just too much. Especially when you throw in a Madison trip.

Thanks to Sigrid and Matt for inviting us to stay with them while Tim made his “don’t call it a comeback” …well…show. It had a great attendance for a Tuesday night. I hear it reached like 94 people! Wahoo. Special thanks to Ben for coming out, Sarah, and Bekah (it was great to see you again). Um will write more in a bit. Just realized I don’t have Ben’s picture up still…gonna fix that.

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