Whose a slacking blogger? Me! I thought about it last night but then ended up using my creative powers to finish a letter I was writing to my mom, and the last stash of preaddressed postcards (I need to write out more…who else wants post cards and tidbits from my life?) and watching So You Think You Can Dance while getting a tongue burn from eating too much pineapple.

Okay. So this morning. Morella is still a bit clingy so I think garage sales with her are out. I can’t possible carry her and browse at the same time. So that leaves finding some antichaffing stuff. My pal Sigrid said that monostat makes one that can be bought at a drug store, but that Dicks’ Sports store would have also have a body glider type thing. Morella has been getting wicked leg chaffing rashes from walking around in a diaper, and won’t wear bandages and short of not walking around everything else I have tried has failed. So … yeah. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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