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1. When the heck did 36 weeks become full term? I thought it was 38 weeks. Quit complaining about being pregnant between weeks 36-38. [Brought to you by 39 weeks today]

I had more…but I guess I forgot them right now.

Ugh, I Have had nothing but junk food all day so far. Two small brownies, two chocolate chow mein “monsters”, a cinnamon roll, and a bite of banana bread. I did have a bowl of cereal, but … meh. Our plans are to eat a crapload of sweet corn and brat/italian sausage at 5 this afternoon so I was thinking of holding off, but I better not. The “easy” food is too easy to eat. Maybe a nice tuna fish sandwich?

OH oh oh oh oh! I stopped at a garage sale on the way home today from rummaging a bag sale and junk, and I got … get this … The Fisher Price Nature’s Touch Papasan Swing for only …. wait for it …… still wait ……… 25$ It was only used one, it’s in mint condition … and it’s the only thing I really wanted for this pregnancy because it had saved our sanity with Morella. Twenty five bucks!!!

I also got an alumnin frame hiking backpack for $5.

Previously this summer, I had seen the cradle swing at a garage sale for $65 and was kicking myself for letting it go, and the same for the hiking pack for $10. I am just so pleased that I have these things. Now we can have this baby.

No wait, the house needs to be cleaned again first before someone says over without tripping over themselves walking anywhere.

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