Oy. I was in a grumpy mood today. I mean, I kind of annoyed myself even.

I went grocery shopping tonight because I wanted to take a walk (but not walk around th streets, because I have to go slow and it looks weird doing that solo … and I didn’t want to walk Pluto because I didn’t want to pick up poop).

Anyway. The cashier offered me drive up service … at 10:30!! She pointed the young man who bagged my groceries and said he could go out front and wait for me. I asked him if that was okay and he nodded yeah in a typcially bored teenage way. So, I got super special service from Woodman’s! How thoughtful…I was moving pretty darn slow by the end there. After an hour of on my feet and shopping the babies head was pushing on the bladder and everything else quite … uncomfortably.

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