From August 2009 Redbook, Shuistrology:

“Aquarius: On the 5th, the Full Moon helps you detach from the people and things that have been dragging you down, bringing you a more excited and enthusiastic attitude.”

Ha ha ha. I think it’s safe to say that Redbook thinks this baby will be born on August 5th, as do: — hey apparently me! Ha ha, and Tim’s Dad, Emily, and Jennie W. Hm.

Next up for tomorrow: Mary from MN, and BIL Ben.

My revised prediction was tomorrow night because I thought there was going to be a perfect storm of 1. MIL not being able to watch Morella and 2. My doctor not being there to enact Murphy’s Law. Well, I found out today at my appointment that my Doctor won’t be leaving until Thursday morning at 4:30AM so I have until … Wednesday midnight, which means Tim’s Mom will be back on call. However, the back up doctor I wanted is also gone this weekend … so maybe this weekend. Or probably not. Oh well.

My appointment was good. Blood pressure low normal, good pulse, no protein, Crouton heartbeat in the 140′s, and no weight gain (how that happened after a weekend of catholic baked good’s, is surprising). I had a funny conversation with the nurse about Catholic potluck items versus Lutheran potluck items and we both agreed that the Lutheran’s really know how to make jello. They do wonder’s with it. I bet if McGuyver were Lutheran he would have used jello to get him out of some sticky situation. Tim later said that the baked goods I got weren’t that great and maybe that is what prevented me from eating more than I thought I did.

I was a little annoyed that the doctor wanted to do an internal check. I had told her already that she was only allowed to do one at the 36 week mark when she did the Strep B swab, and the next one would only be after the due date. That’s because when she did check she was unable to find out anything other than my cervix is extremely high up. Thanks, Doc. I told that you that already. So really, having her poking around isn’t going to achieve anything unless her fingers got longer. In fact, my cervix didn’t really start coming down until I well into labor with Morella. I guess I am just really lucky that way. ;) Point is, she didn’t do one, and respected my wishes, which was nice. I think she is eager to not have the baby come while she is gone — as in do it before Wednesday or wait until she is back.

Anyway. I celebrated a good appointment by getting a mocha frappichino and a chipolte burrito, I also bought one for the babysitter. Morella has been sort of a pill today. She has one of her eye teeth about to bust through, and the nurse mentioned this morning that when those teeth come in they can get headaches. Well, after she said that I noticed that Morella was putting her palm to her forehead and crying several times in the afternoon. She had a very low tolerance for anything. I gave her some motrin and then we went for a long walk around a couple blocks with her pushing her little purple doll stroller. It was so cute, except for all the times she freaked out about the ants on the sidewalk, the fly in the air, the jets in the sky, etc. At least by the end the walk she was doing much better. I wasn’t able to do anything other than interact with her all day (whenever I tried she climbed on me and whined or ran away and wailed for a minute before coming back for a hug and cuddle). When Tim got home I was able to make dinner — pizza and a salad. Morella had her burrito, colby cheese, raspberries and blueberries and macaroon creme filling from sandwich cookies. She took forever and a day to eat, which meant she got a slightly later bedtime.

But you know, I think she really enjoys dinner times with the both of us, and breakfast. It’s kind of nice to think that she likes eating meals with us, even if she barely eats at times. The pizza by the way was kind of meh. Oh well.

Then I was really really tired, but I watched some mandatory TV to relax, and then finished a letter and then at 9 I forced myself to do some cleaning I had been wanting to do forever, like wash the soap scum and slime off the shower curtain and bathtub non skid rubber matt. While those were washing I bleached and scrubbed the tub and shower, and then went and cleaned up the kitchen. I have this idea that if I keep it up every night then then these rooms will stay relatively clean. We’ll see. It is really nice to go into a clean kitchen in the morning though. Now if I could just get everything else to be that nice. I did clean the bathroom, and Morella’s room is there, just needs vacuuming.

Speaking of which, the rug I had gotten her was meant as an outside rug. So why is it that it’s one of the rugs that captures dirt the fastest and looks so incredibly dirty? It’s the reason I want to go out and get a steam vacuum cleaner so I can clean the rugs and the couch. Sigh. Maybe later.

So I was entertaining thoughts that maybe this was nesting, but then logic overwhelmed it as just common sense and getting the cleaning done when I can — which is at night. Plus, despite that large cup of coffee I was tired most of the day. I took a 2 hour nap with Morella and have just been dragging since then.

Okay I need to go to bed and sign off.

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