I realize that official “baby watch” is in full effect right now, and since I have been a watcher myself on numerous occasions, I know the importance of daily posts to assure that there has been no secret birthing of a baby while you were looking away. ;)


Today I went over to Hilary’s to have an impromptu play session and trip to the park. It was okay for the most part, except for when Morella started screaming and freaking out over thistle cotton fluff seed things floating in the wind and Cullen. I think his first screaming impression on her wasn’t a favorable one. :( However, she is in love with Leta. Leta can do no wrong and if a toddler could drap herself onto a kid more than Morella did with Leta I would be very surprised.

After that we came home and she took a nap that was interrupted around 1:00. I swear I heard her call Mama — something she never does and I can’t really say she did, and went in to check on her. She was laying on her back crying and soon as she saw me she signed that she done and still wanted to be in bed and flipped onto to her stomach to self soothe (sucking her tongue). I stayed with her for about 10 minutes (she was quiet the whole time) and went to shut the front door and a window by the house next door that was sawing metal. I left her door open and went to write in my journal while I waited for her to get up. It was about 1.30 or 1.45 when that happened and she was pretty okay for the rest of the day. I did notice this morning that one of her top eye teeth are coming in too….what the heck! Are all four coming in at the same time? I mean … ouch.

I gave her bath in the afternoon and washed her mess of a hair, then let her run around in a diaper and we played on my bed for a while while I hung up a mobile framework for Crouton to gaze upon when her cosleeper is set up and she is here. I also hung two pictures.

Not much else happened besides dinner and me going out to Woodman’s looking a fright to satisfy a craving — yeah a real craving — I wanted banana cream pie or coconut cream pie. Like a good pregnant person I bought both, but only ended up eating a slice of the coconut cream pie. ;)

My right calf has been cramping up all day so I probably should have had the banana cream pie. No wait, I probably should have just eaten a stupid banana. :P

I addressed a bunch of postcards today — working through page one of my list of addresses. I have two more pages to go.I think that this is probably going to be the last batch I write for a long couple of months. The last time I wrote out a big batch was the end of April? And it took four months to go through them. I imagine it’s going to take even longer with two little ones underfoot. But you know that is the point, to have them ready and standing by for when I do have a spare minute and want to feel like a creative human being who still writes and does the whole mail thing. ;D

Oh sure I blog. I don’t think I’ll stop doing that anytime soon. I mean, I’ve been doing it for … well um, nine years now? and had actually started a little bit earlier than that by hand updating a website. Okay okay, enough. I should try and get some sleep.

Folks up next in the Crouton due date game: Rachel and Jude — good luck ladies!!

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