Today I:

  • Made banana bread that Tim’s approves. He is a very tough critic when it comes to banana bread you know. It MUST be moist. So moist that when you drop it, it makes a splat noise.
  • Playdate at the Daisy Cupcakery. Three other Mom’s showed up. We took over the front area. The kids got a long and even Morella kept her “No’s” to a minimum. Well, mostly.
  • Morella is afraid of “beez” — which is every single flying object from fruit flies, to thistle fluffs floating in the air, to ants, to mosquito’s and real bees. I am looking forward to this phase passing quickly.
  • Incisors still aren’t through, and gums are still pretty pointy looking.
  • Cleaned
  • Took Morella for a walk – she wanted to walk herself half way through it, and it was quite a walk! That little girl has some serious stamina.
  • Crouton is seriously hurting my cervix, enough to make me go to my knees in the house twice to try and escape the pain. It’s like getting a pap smear from the inside out. NOT FUN!
  • Watched Bones — my new favorite summer TV show and So You Think You Can Dance

This post is taking too long. I got caught up in going through recently downloaded pictures — most of which I had already gone through but forgot to delete from my camera which explains why I ran out of space so fast. So I’ll give you one for now.

Here is Morella clapping at Concert on the Square.

And for extra fun, here she is one year ago almost exactly — just learning to clap at Concert on the Square. :D I think she did a little growing in that time, don’t you?

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