Two guessers for today — my brother Shane and Kathleen (who is due later this month). Good luck!

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. It was a pack filled day of garage sale heaven — maybe my last Garage Sale Friday with Morella for a long time? I got her a doll house with ALL the fixings for only 10 bucks, and a few other things. To say she loves the fischer price doll house is an understatement. I think though, as a kid I would have loved a doll house too. Then we came home because she had a meltdown over another kid touching the doll house and she took a massive three and half hour nap after eating a pretty good lunch. I took a nap myself and even had time after to putz around.

I eventually got her up at 3:30 because I had a friend coming over to baby sit at 7 and I didn’t want her to give any after bed trouble. She was THRILLED to see the doll house in the living room so I cancelled my other probably plans of going to A1 Furniture (discount place) with my friend Sigrid to look at rugs, and walking down to one of the play date people houses (two blocks) for an afternoon visit. Of course, since I didn’t show up she is convinced we had the baby. Sigh.

Anyway. Tim came relatively early (a 1/2 hour) and we had dinner of steamed green beans, and pasta and peas for Morella followed by a long walk. Morella has some serious stamina when it comes to walking. Wow. Afterward we put her to bed and got dressed and was ready in time for Hilary to show up. There were some technical difficulties getting the laptop set up, but we eventually made it out the door by 7:35, which gave us enough time to get the restaurant Liliana’s -a cajun type restaurant. It was the most expensive joint we have ever been to on our birthday. The least expensive being Applebee’s for lunch when we had first moved to Chicago and were totally broke (year 3).

After dinner went and saw the 3D/Imax Harry Potter. It was…very meh. Got home, slept in a whole 1/2 an hour while that fucker Arkham sat meowing between us like a broken record before Tim finally threw him off the bed before I had to pee and of course that got everyone started. Ugh. Stupid cats. Stupid dog. Stupid bladder.

So today is our 11th Anniversary! Happy Anniversary Darling! You be the best. Better than all the rest.

It is also Crouton’s Due date!

She must have known it was something a little special because this morning I had contractions off and on most of the morning. I attributed it to being dehydrated though. I didn’t drink a lot of stuff last night because I didn’t want to go pee every 10 minutes during the movie, and then I didn’t pee all night so I am sure that was it. I took a very warm bath and that helped and then walked to the park with Morella before lunch.

She is currently not going to sleep in her crib. Soon though…it’s getting quiet in there. I expect a long nap. After this post, I am going to take a nap as well.

Anyway. Actual contractions coming about 13 minutes apart for several hours is a good thing right? It’s mean stuff is getting ready and maybe I might have this baby on my own without medical intervention? That would be nice.

There is a party tonight. Tim and I are tag teaming it. I’ll go first while there is still good food and people aren’t too drunk to be boring, and Tim will ride bike over later so that he can enjoy in the revelry.

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