At 2:54PM I woke up and struggled to get out of bed to use the bathroom. You know how difficult that can be at this stage. ;) I sat up, adjusted my legs and stood up slowly and felt a “ploop” and a bubble of warm liquid filled my underpants. My first thought really was “Did I just pee? Dang it,” (I’m 1/2 asleep here). I made it to the bathroom and did my business and put on pad and went back to bed feeling like my period had just started. I tried to go back to sleep — but you know how can you when you are like “Did my water really just break?”

Tim got an extra 20 minutes of sleep before I woke him up to tell him. After he got up, I needed to use the John again and this time upon moving there was no mistake my water broke. It’s SO weird how it just gushes and comes out of you. It’s clear, slightly filmy and non offensive.

Since that has happened I almost feel better, like that feeling of impending period has gone. I am currently trying to keep track of my contractions through Contraction Master.

I’ll let you know how it goes. For now, I suppose I should finish packing my bags. I am also really hungry, but is it advised to eat? Maybe some toast….and some tea.

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