I had a tough time starting today. I just didn’t know where to start…how to begin…I was afraid. I admit it. I didn’t want it be shitty, but then that is the whole point. That the novel is written in a freaking month. It isn’t going to be a fabulous work or art. Not in anyway. I had to write at least 1,666 words tonight, but with Paul’s help and a little Tim advice (the why’s.. I am going to the store. Why? Because I need food. Why? Because don’t have any. Why? Because we were out of town on a vacation), and that helped alot. I started the story, but mostly have written down ideas and history for this world. A different perspective that I hope will give me direction on the characters, their motivation, and eventually a plot. Although I have one. A classic scifi/fantasy plot of good vs evil. So my ending word count today was 2101. I am happy with that. I have all weekend to write and boy will I need that. Next Friday to Sunday Tim and I are going on a getaway weekend to House on the Rock. I am super excited even though everyone says there is nothing to do there. But we do have a Wisconsin state park permit, so we can to any park and hike or whatnot. We need a reason to try out our layer technology in preparation for snowshoeing this winter.

Anyway, I am going to have to make up for that lost time there. I would rather try and get ahead instead of feeling pressured. Then again, I am a great procrastinator…and think of many reasons on how I will be able to do it in one hour. I also added two more pictures on the Halloween section, there will be more soon. I will let you know when. But, you want to include yourself (which I would like very much) please send me an image!

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