Pitocin’s been going for about 2 and 1/2 hours now, and there’s little change to report.

Sarah, in answer to your question, the epidural that Laura got when she had Morella did not really work very well, if at all. As the anesthesiologist explained it, this is because the space around the spinal cord into which the drug is administered was obliterated by the injury and subsequent surgery, and this prevents the drug from circulating completely. He suspects that the pain relief that Laura initially felt was from a spinal shot that some of the anesthesiologists here will administer when they give an epidural. That shot provided the 2 hours of pain relief that Laura got, but then wore off.

So, because of this, he will not administer it, because it is too risky for the very strong likelihood of no gain.

Morella and grandma are on their way to the hospital to join me in the cafeteria for dinner, and to hopefully cure Morella’s 5 o’clock ‘da das’. Besides, Laura needs a little pick-me-up from Morella’s smiley face.

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