Blogger is still being crappy with publishing photos to my FTP server. This is like the fourth time this year I have had this problem with them. Before that it was like once a year there was a problem — tops. Well, I guess it was a good thing that it started happening AFTER Athena was born instead of during, right?

Today she had her 4 day appointment. Can you believe when they asked me what the weight was when she left the hospital, I had no idea. None. The doctor later told me to not worry about it and quit obsessing over numbers. That said, Athena weight 8lbs 1 oz, so only losing 7 at this point is pretty good. I have to call my dentist and see about having her tooth looked at — oh yeah I forgot to mention that didn’t I? Athena is one of those rare kids born with a tooth. It’s on the bottom of her mouth, and at first it was a tooth shaped gum but it has since erupted into a tooth. How nuts is that? She is a little bit jaundiced but nothing to worry about and the doctor seems confident that since my milk came in, that this problem will quickly go away. So, let’s see how she is doing at her two week appointment on the 20th.

On the nursing front – Athena is wonderful. Well, most of the time. She has a problem latching onto my left breast because the nipple is sort of clefted. I hope that when her mouth gets a little bigger it won’t be such the Olympic sport it is now. Overall, it’s still a 1000 times better than it was with Morella. OH man, just thinking about the ordeal it was to try even one feeding with her is enough to make me break out in a sweat. I hope it continues that soon my nipples will toughen up and all the soreness of over exposed skin and engorgement soon subside.

The one … “it would be better if” is that Athena is a night owl. She has her days and nights confused and so I have been up from 12ish to 4:30ish the last two nights. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if it was just her, but when you have a crabby toddler who adjusting to having a new baby sister and is up from 7 to 7, then it’s more challenging.

Anyway. Dinner is done. It’s another awesome delivery from the playgroup friends. Seriously, these food deliveries are such an absolute blessing! Tim and I both feel super spoiled and special.

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