An update. I called the pediatrician at first to get advice on what to do and the nurse is the one who said to bring her in. Well the appointment was quick in and out and the Doctor said it wasn’t bad at all. In fact, by then it had started to look much better and was in fact a little loose. He listened with interest on the advice I got in cord care (or in this case the lack of) and said “I’ve been a doctor for 30 years and we were always told to clean it alcohol. It’s how it’s been done for a 100 years but now they gotta go and change things that aren’t broken.”

Maddie – the lady who dropped off this most awesome mexican inspired fish dish caught me in the midst of my little overreaction and called her Mom to ask (who happens to be a pediatrician). She later called back to say that her Mom sees lots and lots of babies with stinky cords and that it doesn’t mean it’s infected and to just clean it with alcohol.

So. I felt better. I even went to bed at a decent time – 10:30PM. Athena was able to go bed with me since she had been eating, crying and eating all day and was tuckered out.

You wanna know happened after all of that? Her cord fell off during the night.

Sigh. Well. Live and learn, right?

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