I have some great pictures from this weekend that I will try to post this week — so there something to keep you coming back other than my mommy ramblings.

It’s 8:50. Morella is in bed after having a fantastic evening having out with her Grandma, Grandpa and two small dogs. Oh you should have seen her face light up when saw who had come to the door! It’s amazing what one weekend of solid Grandma on granddaughter time can do.

We have 10,000 BC in right now for a movie. Athena is sleeping in the cradle swing after having sucked me dry from a power cluster feed earlier. It was a good day. A wonderful day that ended with me feeding Morella and reading the entertainment section of the Sunday paper, while Tim sat in the glider reading a portion of the paper and Morella on the floor surrounded by a pile of books. All was quiet and content. I decided then again for the thousandth time that I would write down at least one special memory a day. A drop in the lake of all the special memories in our lives. Something to hold onto and help battle this sadness I feel at the end of each day. What is today? Day 8 after Athena’s birth? It will be interesting to see if this lessens in another six to eight days. Surely I wasn’t like this before. Surely this is just my manifestation of the baby blues, just as it is for me to overreact over things like a super, smelly umbilical cord.

I feel like a broken record, saying the same thing over and over each night. I really should confine this to my paper journal but there I tend to go overboard and get overwhelmed thinking about all the things I want to write and then don’t start.

Lastly, I over did it today. I was feeling pretty good and so I cleaned, and rough housed with Morella and skipped the nap but by evening I sure felt it. I have to remember, it’s only been a week. A week isn’t that much time to really recover from an exhaustively long pregnancy where I can now admit I was uncomfortable pretty much the entire time.

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