Today I had a newborn photo shoot done for Morella. One of the ladies in the Playgroup is a budding photographer and working to build up her portfolio. In exchange for using wee Athena as a her subject for a couple hours I will get some awesome pictures! One of which I plan on using for Athena’s birth announcement and then sending out when we do thank you cards.

I was thinking though today — because Athena spit up a little this morning and seemed to not be interested in second breakfast — if the yogurt and garlic heavy cucumber salad had something to do with it, or if she was starting to get reflux. I know, I should banish that awful thought from my head. Don’t go there Laura! You will regret it! But since I did, I might as will finish.

I was trying to remember or recall if Morella’s reflux was there from the beginning or if it was something that she worked into after the two week baby moon period had ended. Then I wondered when she had started her colic — was it two weeks later or was it because of the not being able to eat and THEN turned into colic….so I went back to look. It looks like I did a post at 9 days where I mentioned her “witching” hours from 10-2. If I was able to figure out that there were witching hours I can only assume that it was well in progress. I can see that I was clearly frustrated. Reading back on those entries is like looking into a dark looking glass. I see darkness, lamplight, tears, pacing, wailing infant, doubt, etc. It’s such a different experience from now.

Don’t get me wrong, Athena will and does cry — and when she does it’s quick to be angry and willful and it’s usually for something quite specific — boob.

To be able to nurse is such a … relief. It’s is a thousand times easier than exclusively pumping, or trying to feed a baby who won’t latch, can’t drink, and after trying for 40 minutes you have to give up and pump anyway. I feel like I have so much more time in the day. Something I wasn’t able to really enjoy with Morella (because I had to pump/prepare bottles/wash equipment when she was asleep). I am so thankful that the problems we did have with Morella happened with her when she was the only one we had to take care of. Can you just imagine how much it would suck if it was reversed? Okay, I should even try to imagine that. I feel like if I do then I might invite that future in.

I can be so superstitious sometimes.

Okay. So with said free time this afternoon, I was able to upload some photos. Here are a few of my favorite — you can see the rest in the August 2009 Gallery.

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