I am having a cup of half caf and waiting for Athena to wake up and want to eat a late lunch. After I posted I chatted with Hilary who suggested gas. I hadn’t thought of that, so I went in and started to bicycle her legs which seemed to calm her a bit, and whenever we touched her tummy it was hard and she would cry. I figured we could try mylicon because it won’t hurt her — and I think it actually did help because she seemed calmer after that, and eventually dozed and nursed herself to sleep at around 1:30.

She got up again around 5 to snack and then went back down without too much incident. However, Morella woke up crying at 5:30 — and didn’t stop after a minute or two. Very unusual for her. Tim went to get her and brought her back to bed with us for about 30 minutes before she wanted to get up and play. She didn’t sleep but she was very good at being quiet and chilling with us. It was nice. Morella never did cuddle or want to sleep with us. I sometimes wonder if she will change her mind on that when she is older.

She pretty much had the run of the house for the morning and Tim deployed the age old tactic of “Saturday morning cartoons” to get a little more time for shut eye. Athena wanted to eat again at 8ish, so I just got up, changed her diaper and fed her while watching Morella play and watch TV in the living room. Then it was breakfast time for Morella and then I said we all needed to go back to bed. So we did and everyone slept another good 2-3 hours.

Ahhh. What a feeling it is to be refreshed. I really like sleep and try to make it a priority to have as much as I can. Well, as much as is appropriate. You know, I don’t want to spend a whole, perfectly good day in bed, but I do like to get about 7-8 hours of sleep accumulative in a day’s time.

After getting up and feeding Athena (and putting her back down to sleep), Morella played for awhile outside, I looked at the computer while Tim did whatever it is that Tim does. I think he shaved. I gave Morella her lunch – Carl Budding lunchmeat (she at the whole packet), watermelon, cream cheese sandwich and dried cherries. Then changed her diaper, put some socks on her to go with her sandals (we really need to buy closed toed shoes for her — she only has one pair of shoes) and sent her off with Tim to take a bike ride over to Elmside Circle Park to play and then get vegetables.

Meanwhile, I am sitting here writing this post and listening to Pluto whine in the living room. I expect Athena to wake soon and then will feed her … and then yeah. You know, I don’t know why I didn’t realize how easy it was Morella…I mean. Okay it wasn’t easy. But you know with one baby, you just feed them, they sleep and you can go about your business. It’s much harder with two babies (Thank you, I will accept that Award for Orginal Thought’s). When Tim has Morella I just marvel at how much I could do with one baby, even if I was holding them and feeding them most of the time. I mean, the nursing alone — I feel like I have TONS of time to read. I now understand why Sarah gave me magazines to read when I first had Morella. The difference is, of course, is that Morella never fed well and I couldn’t take my eyes off her latch…

Oh Athena cries.

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