Oh my god. This morning was a total diaster. We went to the red park for the Monday playdate. Athena was fussy, and would’t stop crying because there was construction going on 25 feet from where we were — banging, pounding, beeping…it was so loud and distracting. I couldn’t nurse her into submission and eventually had to give up. So I went to the car to get everyone’s dishes much to Morella’s howling dismay. By the time we left, I lost a sock and a receiving blanket and was treated to more crying all the way home.

At home, I got Morella’s lunch ready and gave it to her while Athena fussed and cried in the swing. Morella of course rewarded me by not eating any of her food and smearing it every which way. I finally put her down and attended to Athena who has been spitting up off and on all morning. She is on her every other day eating binge and while she slept through most of the night – she did get up at least four times to eat. I guess I consider it a success if she only eats and then falls back asleep versus staying up for two hours.

Ugh. I feel a little shakey about it all and am royally pissed that the neighbor next door is fucking using a chain saw for the last hour and half with no signs of stopping. Why do I feel like I live in the world’s loudest neighbhorhood? Can’t everyone just shut up for three hours and give me a break?

Crap. More chirruping from the bedroom. Please go to sleep Athena.

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