Athena and I have thrush. And a yeast infection for me which tipped me off to it. It sucks folks. It really sucks. I am taking probitoics, spraying vinegar on the nipples and I emailed both my doctor and the pediatrician asking for help but no response. I guess I’ll call tomorrow.

Athena has been super fussy the whole last day. She was up a lot last night and for good stretches of time too. Not that eating and then sleeping bit…oh no not her.

My back hurts. My breasts hurt and the probiotics have made me gassy. Super fun to be with, I can tell you.

I am not looking forward to the travelling this weekend to get her baptised. Going to the park with Morella and Athena feels like an epic chore and I find myself wanting to go home after an hour because it just seems easier. The house is a disaster again and Morella has been into everything.

But really, right now I want this thrush to go away and stop hurting, and for Athena to just eat and go to sleep and stop howling.

Newborns are not that much fun.

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