I just got of the phone with my Japanese friend who I met my freshman year of college, now living in London Mari! Cool. She received my Halloween card (and said that the spider confetti was an example of me not changing at all since I was eighteen). Ha, that is so funny. I just realized now that she actually did know me when I was eighteen. Incredible. I might be visiting her this winter when Tim makes his business trip to Lanceister. It was at first going to be late Nov. or December…but now has been pushed back to January or February. In any case, it will be nice to visit with an old friend.

Got up at 9 this morning because my tooth hurt to take some medicine, then again at 10.30 for a Lisa Madigan announcement, and then finally at 12 for a wrong phone number. Then I watched Saving Silverman while drinking coffee and eating breakfast, then finally started to focus my attention on writing my novel, but first talked with Mari (who finally got a job in the tough London economy after 10 months, congratulations!), and now I am updating this. Eck. I am so procrastinating, aren’t I?

Party tonight at Eric and Kate’s.

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