I got conned into a soy latte about an hour ago so I don’t need to try and take an afternoon nap. Instead I can work on a much needed update, and finish up ordering a crapload of pictures — included in those is the photo for Athena’s birth announcement. I would much rather get hers done in less than the five months it took for us to do Morella’s. ;) At first it started out just me ordering that photo and a few others but you know how it goes “might as well do them all since I am here and making the effort, and they have the 10 cent per photo special going on.”

—Had to get Athena…she won”t settle down for nap. Now I am reduced to one finger typing….—-

Whoa, okay so she went to sleep and I finished my ordering, though no pictures from the last week were included. That would involve downloading, etc and that is a process that doesn’t need to be done right now. You know, if I did it I would never get it done! I kept reminding myself that last night as I tackled cleaning off my shelf and desk in the bedroom. After hours and hours of staring at it I wanted it to be clean. The key is to just put the stuff where they belong and not get bogged down by wanting to organize the stuff where it went, reading magazines or books, finishing letters, putting away photos. No, those are projects for another time. Oh and I took a shower and finally put in a teabag in the water I have microwaved four times over the course of this morning.

This past weekend we went to Chilton to have Athena baptized. It was our first long car ride and it went okay, better than I expected. In fact that one night have Tim’s Mom help out by holding Athena has me now thinking of imposing myself, Morella and Athena on their hospitality for a week or so to get a little extra help and time to myself to rest and relax. Ha ha. I mean, of course I would still have both kids during the day but maybe at night I would have a little extra help holding Athena while I did something other than just care for babies all day long. Sigh, sometimes I wish my Mom lived closer so that she could hold the baby at night.

I talked with my Mom this past weekend and gave her the assignment of writing me letters telling me all about what it was like for her with us kids. I mean, she had Doug and Shane at about the same age as Morella and Athena and then put in me, and the other brothers and it’s a story I want to hear about. She called me back a day later and asked “Are you sure you want to hear it? There are some pretty miserable parts.” I told her “Yes, because if it was all sunshine and daisies then I would feel like a bad Mom.” I am looking forward to reading these installments.

Anyway the baptism was a nice ceremony. Uncle Mark and Aunt Erica, along with my friend Sarah all agreed to be sponsors for Athena and travelled up to attend the event. There were lots of kids, lots of cake and some really, well thought out gifts for Athena. I was really impressed — Athena got this silver charm bracelet from Mark and Erica with a little peridot stone (birth stone), the A initial, and a little cross to mark the occasions they have spent with her. They plan on adding a charm as she grows up — it’s some really awesome jewelry. I didn’t get great jewelry like that until my engagement ring! Oh I wonder if that fits yet…I should look for it and try it on. Wearing rings again sounds lovely…

Sarah gifted Athena with a little Owl Babies book (Athena’s familiar), a Greek stories book for when she is older, a handmade card that I intend to frame, butterfly shoes that Morella could wear but Tim doesn’t want her too because those Robeez shoes are really best for one time kid wearing, and a stack of her wonderful rocky road bars (all gone now), and a batch of Dave’s famous lasagna! What a bounty!

Lastly, Athena received a My first photo album for her Aunt Sarah and Uncle Luke and her grandparents gave her a beautiful statue music box. Personally, I love music boxes and I am sure the girls will really like theirs as well when they are older. Though at that point, I’ll probably have to put them away until they can’t break them. ;)

In nursing news — we are still nursing. The thrush is better but not gone. I can still see a lesion on her right cheek and I still have occasional tenderness and shooting pains in both nipples. I kind of wish that I had pushed for the diflucan route instead of this nystatian nonsense. It’s such a pain in the ass squirting this yellow horrid stuff in her mouth after every feeding and trying to minimize swallowing because I think it gives her an upset tummy and diarrhea. It’s not gone yet, and …. ugh. I have a feeling I’ll be calling the doctor on Friday and seeing about getting something else. On the other hand I feel obliged to at least try and finish this treatment instead of abandoning it half way through.

This morning I had a epiphany regarding Athena nursing from the left breast. She has such a shallow latch and is constantly popping and off and it’s incredibly frustrating for both of us. Well this morning after about 10 minutes of fighting with her about it, I realized that she had no problem nursing from it in the side lying position. I figured I had nothing to lose since we were still in bed and gave it a shot. What do you know, she latched right away and had a great session! I think the side lying position somehow affects the flow from the breast because it has such a heavy and fast let down. I mean you even touch it and it sprays milk. Now I wonder how long she will have to nurse from that side lying down … until she has bigger mouth or can handle a fast let down? How long will that take?

If I can just shake this thrush I might actually declare nursing to be something that I like. I mean, it’s just SO much easier than pumping. Oh man, even thinking about pumping gives the willies.

Athena had a dentist appointment yesterday. She was declared the youngest patient ever at 3 1/2 weeks. They decided to leave the tooth alone since it’s not fully erupted and embedded enough that they don’t think it will fall out. Thankfully I didn’t have to pay out of pocket for her because …. I had my tooth checked out that they recommended for a crown and set up a cleaning appointment and crown work to be done on the 17th. Ugh. It’s all because I started grinding my teeth again. I do that when I get stressed out. Thanks Athena. :P I did bring the camera but forgot to actually take a photo once I was there. Nutz.

They were really eager to do it right then and there, but I said no because I needed to get home so Tim could go back to work. Then they wanted to do it on Thursday and I said that wasn’t enough time. I think they must be pretty desperate for work. Tim said maybe it’s because in a recession people are more willing to let dental work slide.

This morning I ventured out to try and shop for a birthday present for my niece who is turning on Saturday. I tried to go to this store called Cupcake but it was closed! Of course, now I see on the website it says to call head for hours. What the? I mean, do they have any idea how hard it is to pack up a 22 month old crabby girl, and a 3 1/2 week old infant for this little trip only to be letdown by a closed sign? Ugh. Since we were out I stopped at Absolutely Art because Hilary said they have kids stuff. Sadly the selection was very tiny, and it was just shirts, a few onsies and a bunch of artsy fartsy stuff that meant I had to carry both girls the ENTIRE time I was there. Escaping from that store without breaking anything we headed next door to Cafe Zoma. I got a turkey sandwich, peach muffin and a soy latte and was going to head outside to sit and let Morella play on the little plastic playground area they have except I noticed she was minus one shoe.

Ugh. I left the food, and a dollie and headed out to search for the shoe. Thankfully it was in the car. I went back, we went out side and was soon swarmed by bees. I mean it. T
here were no less than seven hornets fighting over our food. Plus there was a Mom there with an 18 month old genius proclaiming very loudly to her friend and some stranger they just met about what a brilliant kid she had and how she does things. I mean, it sort of makes me want to carry about “World’s Greatest Mom” buttons to hand out so I can fully acknowledge it. For the record, her kid didn’t seem that genius-y to me. In fact, she was one of those kids that just stands there and eats something while Morella runs circles around them and tries to engage them in … well anything.

We ran away from the bees. I left my plate on the table even though I am sure it’s a “bus your own” sort of place because of the hornet swarm. I figure someone who works there can take that risk but I was unwilling to let the aggressive bees take out their angst on Athena, myself or Morella.

Came home. Morella didn’t eat lunch. I put her to bed for a nap. Athena took an hour to settle and ate a ton. Once down I celebrated by finishing ordering photos, taking a shower, making some tea and writing this mega post.

I just heard Morella cough. I think she might be getting up soon. We are going to go over to Ann and Noah’s this afternoon to play. Ann has been just wonderful coming over to take Morella out for a bike ride, to the park or for a walk giving me a chance to feed Athena in peace, take a shower, get dinner ready and overall relax a bit. She and Noah is going to be a way for a week and I know already that Morella and I are going to miss them.

So my next big project is going to be sending out birth announcement photos and thank you cards. I am looking forward to this because it is a reason for writing that MUST be done. Speaking of which, I need to email the playgroup asking for addresses.

Okay. That’s enough for now I guess. Wait, how am I doing over all? I guess I am doing pretty good. It’s so easy to forget that I shouldn’t overdue it. On one hand it feels like a million years ago that I was super pregnant and uncomfortable, and tired all the time so now that I am really starting to recover I want to jump ahead and do all the things I used to do. There are reminders though that it was less a month ago when I carry both kids for eight blocks and feel like my pelvic floor is going to fall out later on, or when I can’t fit even my fat pants despite loosing 26 pounds (I still need another 16 to go before I am at pre pregnancy — but it took at least five months for that with Morella so I would do well to remember that it took 10 months to change my body and it’s going to take about as long to get it back). I am still not back to my previous shoe size — about a 1/2 a size off … but I know I’ll get there. I am regaining my energy during the day and don’t always need to have a nap especially when I had what I consider to be a good night’s sleep. Emotionally there are still times when I feel very challenged – especially when both children are crying at the same time and I am racing to get dinner on the table so that each can be dealt with, or when I think about leaving the house and thinking about the process of getting both ready. I just have to remember to do it. Go for it — it gets easier with practice and time and staying holed up in the house isn’t going to help matters. I think that keeping in mind winter is coming with all the sickness, bitter cold, snow and mandatory housebound is incentive to get my butt out there and enjoy as much of the beautiful days and weather we have now.

Gosh, did I write a novel or what?

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