Okay. I think it’s time to face the facts. These last two weekends I have been presented with cake. Lots of it, and like a total idiot I ate lots of it. I mean, sweet things are the easiest things to eat when you are strapped for time and when they are available. But like last weekend, when I eat the cake I feel the thrush act up. Sigh. I don’t want to do it. In fact, I feel very resentful whenever I have to do something like follow a diet but in this case, I think I need to stop eating sugar for a week or two. I know. It’s not the end of the world. I can go back to eating it after the time is up and when this thrush is gone, but … gosh darn it I really resent doing it.

I mean, I feel the same about dairy. I don’t want to give it up, even when I think it might help colic or possible reflux, but at the same time I end up cutting back what I eat and avoiding it anyway. I might as well just do it. Not that I have been eating lots of dairy anyway, I mean the sugar. Sugar is one of my favorite things in the world so giving it up is something I never really wanted to do. But it’s for the greater good, right? And like I said, it’s not permanent. I sort of wish I could go back and not eat all that sweet food but then again would it have really sunk in that these two things are related?


In other news, Athena is a total fuss buss at night. The classic colic period. The bright side is that when she goes down around 10:30 she is down for the night. The last three nights she has sleep 5, 6 and then last night 7 hours without getting up. I hope that trend continues when the colic starts to fade.

We ended up going to the neice’s 1st birthday party in Milwaukee because Morella wasn’t showing any signs of sick today and she had no temperature. I really hope that even that one day of sick doesn’t lead to an ear infection. Especially since she lost our good thermometer and I only have the one that takes forever to read a temp. Both kids did fairly well on the trip and I can’t help but to think how Sarah and her two little ones are faring on their long ass drive to Colorado. Ugh, I can’t imagine especially at night when one of them is fussy like this.

I wonder if I will feel better for not eating sugar. I wonder what I will find to eat or if I will just end up fasting for most of it. I bet I’ll be fasting more than anything. Tea without sugar? Hm. I guess I’ll just try and pretend that is how is I have always liked it. Sugar? Who needs it?

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