I really need to get back into blogging and make sure that I make time for it. There have been too many days now where everything is just so toddler and baby centric that I don’t get a chance to talk to anyone else. When Tim comes home from work and after helping put a very energetic toddler to bed, usually just wants to retire to the computer with a cocktail and “turn off” so to speak. Leaving me just nursing a baby all night. I have been watching a lot of movies and shows — like I just blew through season two of This American Life. But I need to also communicate a little. Or at least talk to someone (you, my journal) to feel like I am being heard, not being redundant, naggy, or boring.


Anyway, on with the comments I have for no one’s ears in particular. My own eyes and ears I guess in a few years. I mean to say that writing in a online journal is better than talking to a brick wall, right?

So yeah. Some of those thoughts are:

–Athena has been a much calmer baby this whole week than the week or two before I wonder if it is because the thrush is under control? This diet may feel like the end of the earth to me but she sure seems to be much calmer on it. Or maybe she is starving from the quality sugar and fat ridden milk and has not energy to fight and be colicky. Thrush is supposed to make you feel much gassier and she was terribly gassy, and her mouth was red and she had a white tongue.

–When do start easing up on this wretched diet? Could I start allowing wheat back into my diet and still hold off on the sugar? It’s going to be really hard tomorrow because there is a party up the street for a neighbor who is moving. I hate to let good desserts go untasted but it’s only been one week. Is that enough? Would two do it? Hm. I have only eaten on light bowl of soup today, some tea and coffee and lots of water. That isn’t enough to make quality milk but I am just frozen by what I can eat and how to get it, that I don’t eat at all. GAH!!!!!

–I took Morella for a walk this morning to a garage sale a couple blocks over while Athena was taking her morning nap. After leaving the sale with a bag full of stuff, we passed a house with two dogs in it. We have passed this house before. One big black dog barks and barks and the other big white dog watches. This time, the black dog barked, however the white dog was muzzled and howled. You know that “ooooohhhhhhh” over and over. Morella stopped and became very concerned. It took me several minutes to get moving away from the mournful dog and when she did she started signing that she wanted to go bed. I took her home and gave her lunch and she talked about the sad dog (signing bed, and panting). She took an hour nap and got up crying. A short while later she panted and signed bed and looked very concerned again. She was really moved by this howling dog!

Oh crap, Athena is awake and Tim is back with Morella. Here is a picture from yesterday.

ETA: Two other thoughts on the calmness of Athena…could it be the probiotics? Or is it because she has been sick and snuffly? There.

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