I am having a rough day. I mean despite the rough day, I feel like I am hanging in there so that is good I suppose. I sort of feel like Harrison Ford in Blade Runner .. or any of his movies for that matter. Beat up but not down.

It started out with vinegar coffee. I was going to clean the coffee pot yesterday but half way through the process (read turning it on) I got pulled away to nurse Athena or put out a Morella fire. So when Tim made coffee this morning he was naturally puzzled as to why there was extra water in the pot. Whoops. There goes the morning coffee for both of us.

A short while later I was in the bedroom feeding Athena and Morella was playing next to me on the bed. Then I took a moment to give her some cuddles. I had decided to give her a strawberry? We when you blow on their tummy, and made a big show of it. Morella was getting excited about it, I inhaled a big breath, bent down and just started the “Tbbbtt” when suddenly something happened. That something hurt a lot. It took me almost a minute to put it together. I saw a confused toddler. A puffed up grey cat. My head and neck hurt. Athena was crying.

Migo was in the window right next to the bed. I guess when I started the strawberry to Morella she got scared by the noise and … attacked my head. Yeah. Just like in movies when a desperate hero throws a cat the evil villain and they turn around in circles screaming. I touched my neck and my fingers came away bloody. I had no idea where to touch my head because it seemed like it was everywhere. Eventually I found the two puncture wounds in my hair and my fingers came away bloody as well. However, hair seems to soak that up so it wasn’t that bad.

Anyway. So there I sat. After I realized what happened and threw a shirt at Migo to get her away (she went off and immediately attacked another cat, because you know that is what cats do when they are all riled up), I started to cry. It hurt. It really, really hurt and I just covered my face and cried. Athena cried too but then fell asleep and Morella stood next to me confused. She hugged me long and hard and tried to talk me down. I cried for about 5 minutes before I felt calm enough to thank her for her kind words and try to clean up the attack. Cat claws always infect. Ugh.

Up to that point I was going to walk to the Red Park for Monday play group but then decided to drive so that I could go to McDonald’s and get a coffee and a breakfast sandwich.

The play group actually went quite well. Good turnout and all the tots were in good moods and well mannered. The not so great happened again returning home. I gave Morella a lunch she barely ate, changed her diaper and put her to bed. Two minutes into the nap she started screaming NO NO NO NO. I went in and gave her some tylenol (she’s teething the last incisor), reminded her it was nap time and went to nurse Athena. She howled for almost 15 minutes screaming NO NO NO NO until she fell asleep. Right as I was done feeding Athena and about to get her. Thank god I thought. Well Athena has an awake time while Morella naps so I was feeding and attending her … and only 30 minutes passed before Morella woke up and immediately started screaming NO NO NO!

Sigh. I let it go for 10 minutes before it was apparent to me she was not going back to sleep. I went into to get her (nothing was wrong btw) and she wouldn’t let me put her down for almost 15 minutes. Thankfully, Athena feel asleep in the swing and is still sleeping while Morella plays with some garage sale find next to me while I retain some sanity and write this out.

Other than today, this weekend was pretty good. We spent a lot of time outside. Bought Morella some new shoes she needs to get used to (for the cold days ahead), played outside a bunch, went to a garage sale, grocery shopped, when to an neighborhood party, watched a few movies, and managed to sort of keep the kitchen under control.

I’m hungry, but there isn’t much to eat that doesn’t involve bread. I did loosen up yesterday for the party and had a few sweets but limited it, and ate salads and chicken and Tim’s curry puffs. So far so good! But I should ease back into it right?

Seriously folks, being attacked by a cat in the head is not a great way to start the week. I think I need to go take some tyelnol myself because my head still hurts. She got me in four spots (one for each leg) and each point is radiating ouch.

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