“Momma’s gonna sing you lullaby…”

Things are good. Once again it is Thursday night and I haven’t posted since Monday. How does that happen? How is it that the weeks are going by so fast? I guess that is what happens when the days are so richly filled (whining, crying and tantrums included). sINCE i AM YET AGAIN PECKIN THIS ENTRY OUT WITH A NEWBORN…OH nuts. I am not going back to fix that.

So pecking = tidbits.

  • Athena has had a stuffy, congested nose for two week now
  • She smiled at me for the first time on Tuesday.
  • First tears showed up today—the waterworks have started!
  • Morella actually got some air in a jump! Also likes to spin to get dizzy, play “go!” in which she yells go and everyone runs.
  • Visited Hilary yesterday and after some warm up time with Cullen eventually played with him quite a bit by quitting time. She also loves Leta. She was sitting next to her on the couch watching a movie “Cats and Dogs” — her second movie ever and she was a huge chatterbox, sitting on the edge of her seat, big expressions … it was SO cute!
  • I went to the dentist today with Athena and got my teeth cleaned and stage one of a crown put in. I was also going to get a new mouth guard but they wanted $550 for it. I mean, that cost more than the crown! Ugh. The lab tech said to try the store solutions first. I think I’ll just do that. I wish I wasn’t a grinder. It sucks that I grind — and its the reason for the crown right. I would have held it off another three years or whatever except my tooth started hurting after having Athena.
  • Playgroup at Tenny Park today. One of the tots was violently..no strongly? pushed off one of the playground equipment causing the toddler to fall into the chain. Her Mom caught her before she hit the ground and took her away to calm her down. Now a normal person would scold, or talk to the parent of the pusher right? In this case the person was a tween with Down’s Syndrome, and her helper seemed like a teenager. What do you say? I mean the DS girl obviously knew she shouldn’t have done that because she was saying “no hitting” after it (and then five minutes later pushed another toddler over). I’ve been trying to think of the proper response to the whole event and I can’t come up with a solid answer. What we did do was remove ourselves from the situation and go to another park. Hopefully the kids are young enough to hopefully not connect the dots on why we left.
  • Morella waded in water today off a beach on her own accord!
  • I went out last night with a friend for a couple of hours for some adult conversation. I took Athena and she was pretty good for the most part. It was SO nice to get out. I also scrapped this stupid low yeast diet because it’s stressing me out more than anything and I don’t notice any change and in fact, since I stopped last night I seem to be better ( as in no symptoms, imagined or not).
  • I am really into Bones right now and got Season 1 disc on Netflix. I am now going to work my way through them.
  • We watched the second season of True Blood this week and it was good. “Heart sick and eyes filled up with gloom….”
  • Birth announcements are coming along…I actually manged to finish about 30 of them today and can start sending them out. I need more stamps. I should just order that online because going to the post office with both of these kids is too much of a hassle.
  • My Mom was in the hospital again this past week into the weekend because of low potassium from too many water pills, and starvation…if you will believe it. Sigh. I hope she can keep it together for a while longer. I at least want her to meet Athena at Thanksgiving. Sometimes I wish I lived closer so that I could go over and help her out more and visit and cheer her up. Even if it was only a 1/2 an hour a day or whatever. I talked to her tonight and she is doing much better.

Athena is crying. Dang it. I really wanted to finish my tea and this post. Oh Tim just took her. Well I can at least finish my tea and call it quits on this post and get ready for bed.

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