Morella and her BFF Leta watching her second movie ever…she lasted about 15-20 minutes before losing interest…but they were a jam packed, nail biting 20 minutes.

What a full day. But to go backwards, I just took a shower and feel pretty awesome. It’s funny how I didn’t need to shower that much when I was pregnant. I could get away with one a week — sadly those days are over. Now I am back to the every 2-3 days because everything goes south so much quicker. I wonder why that is?

This morning we went to a music lesson at the Children’s Museum. We went last week and Morella clung to my skirt the entire time, shaking her head no and staring at everyone suspiciously. We know she loves music. She just needed more time to get used to it. So I went again even though I knew we were going to be late. As it turned out we were only 10 minutes late to the 30 minute class (cost is a $1), so it wasn’t too bad. Morella warmed up much faster this time. Maybe it was because she saw some familiar faces, or maybe it was because she remembered from last week. I hope next week she is even more at ease.

After class we played a bit in the museum, I fed Athena and then stopped at Ian’s Pizza for slice on the way home. I so wished I could have gotten a coffee but that’s impossible when carrying Athena in the Bjorn and pushing Morella in the umbrella stroller. Sigh. Thankfully, I had coffee left over from this morning that I warmed up when I got back. I had forgotten my phone in the rush to get out this morning, so I had to unload everyone at Tim’s work so we could drop off his wallet in a baggie. It was in a baggie because Morella had bombed it and I didn’t know how everything went. I threw in a $20 for his trouble.

Got home and put Morella down for a nap after she unwound a bit. Fed Athena again and put her down for a nap, and finally had time for myself. I shopped. It was awesome. First I got stamps, and then I got more disposable diaper liners, and even splurged on Tiny Tush contoured diapers for Morella. They say they are more trim and I am looking for ways to help alleviate her chaffing leg problem. I even got myself an all-in-one. I figure it’s not too bad for getting these purchases because Athena can wear them. Speaking of which, cloth is SO much better for her. When she wears disposables and poops it usually ends up as a blowout. I think it’s because it’s just too liquidy for the diaper to soak up that fast. The cloth sucks it up and I never have a problem cleaning her up.

After nap time was over (too short!) I tried to do some stuff in the office while Morella watched Yo Gabba Gabba shorts on their websites before I had enough and took the kids outside and played for a couple hours. (Really she was getting whiny). Then it was time for a walk (Morella wanted to go). I have been taking out the double stroller from the garage to put Athena for afternoon siesta’s. So it’s already out when Morella finally gets the idea that we should go for a walk. I also think she does that because she starts to get tired and wants to ride.

We went over to Emily and Leo’s to see if they wanted to walk and Morella ended up staying for Toddler Supper. I changed a diaper or two and we continued on our walk after about an hour. I stopped at the blue park on the way home and soon thereafter, two other boy toddlers showed up around her age. The awesome thing about that is that they are runners. So for the next hour, these kids pretty much just ran around in circles screaming at each other. It was great!

When we got home Tim whisked Morella off to Target to buy a new video game that we can play together and get some dinner (Flatbread melts) which is in the oven as we speak…er type.

Yeah so that was my day. It was pack full of stuff. Heck the whole week was packed full of stuff.

Oh Athena is up again. Laters.

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