Quick! Post while Morella is distracted by Seasame Street, and Athena snoozes off her long night. Thoughts on my mind right now:

–I wish I could drink more coffee in the morning — was that thai iced tea that kept Athena up so late last night?

–Is the thrush acting up again? I felt a few stabs in my left breast yesterday and the nipples on both feel a bit dryed out and tender. Is that because of thrush or because Athena has been eating a lot? Also, that white coating in the back of her tongue is that thrush or just milk tongue? I doesn’t look like the thick white coating she had when she really did have thrush, but maybe it’s just the beginning? But it hasn’t changed in the last three days so I should quite worrying about it already.

–I have the six week follow up doctor appointment on Wedneday at 11:30. I have NO idea how I can keep that appointment with two young kids, at lunch time. I should really cancel and reschedule but I that would require work.

–I want my stamps to come in so I can send out more mail.

–I have to play the gas and electric bill today.

–Playgroup is this morning at 9:30 and then Toddler Time at the library starts up again at 10:30 today. Should I try and make both? I just don’t know. It’s all grey and gloomy out. I am tried. My hair is all greasy so soon after that Saturday shower — I don’t know what to wear because all of my clothes are in storage and the leftover maternity stuff looks like stretched out old clothes on me.

–Put baby powder in my hair to hide the state it’s in.

–Get the kids dressed and ready for leaving the house. (Hm, I guess I decided to go ahead and do that).

–Stephanie brought over browies last night and chili. She included a small baggie of pasta O’s. I asked Tim was that was for and he said “Some people are still under the impression that chili must include pasta.” To which I replied “Chili with pasta is called goulash!” (And age old pet peeve of mine).

–Anyway, those brownies were so good and I had to eat a big one. I tried to keep it real with a small piece, but it just kept on in my head. I even ate a stupid apple, drank a cup of tea, drank water, delayed etc…and finally just had to give in. It was really good and craving was satisfied afterward.

–Really, I want more coffee than these two cups that equal one cup. I can’t help but to think about women in the old days. They didn’t drink coffee and would have been up a lot sooner than I was this morning working. Their kids would have a wooden spoon to play with, a handful of rocks and … I don’t know what else. They wouldn’t get specialized attention. They would just follow their Mom around as she did all kinds of manual, mind numbingly borning labor such as washing clothes and diapers, making bread,

n Ugh morella is here.

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