My brother called me this morning to say that Mom was taken to the hospital last night because of vomiting and severe chest pain. He also mentioned something about kidneys and liver failing as well and gave me the phone number to call her. I did, she was very out of breath and said the pain in her chest is still there and the doctor told her to see a specialist. She wasn’t really able to say much more and the nurses came in for more medication. Sigh.

I don’t now. Shane said things aren’t looking too good for her and I hate it when he says that. You know? So know I am thinking of how I am going to take two kids up to see her. I can’t not leave them in what might be their last chance to see her on the other hand I don’t need them to be there the whole time. And I’ll need help. I think I could call upon some old friends that are there to see if the would have time to help. I just don’t know. I am probably jumping the gun. But you know she was in the hospital just last week for five days for low potassium and I have just seen too many cases where when things start to fail so close to each other then it all goes downhill quickly.

Oh I just don’t know. It’s a wait and see right now.

Meanwhile I have a doctors appointment this morning for my post partum check. I was going to take both with me but now decided that isn’t a good idea. So I am going to drop Morella off at Ann’s in a little bit and just take Athena. 11:30 is a crappy time for an appointment. Sigh.

Also, Tim misplaced all my nursing bra’s the last time he did the laundry. I have no idea where they are.

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  1. Sarah

    Hoo boy — what a stressful call to get. I'm thinking of you, and hope you can find some way to make at least a short trip to reunite the girls with grandma. Somehow parents of young children find ways to handle them + family medical crises + travel, but I don't know how they do it.-SECP

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