Athena has been crying most of this evening as she did last night — I think it’s because I had ice cream. Sigh. I hope that she is feeling better soon and it’s gone by tomorrow night. She is arching her back, urpy — all the reflux signs. Poor kid. Poor me. Poor my back.

Very blustery today. Regardless I took Morella and Athena to the park where she and Noah were the only two left (not hard when only four kids showed up … and lots of others skipped the park altogether). She loved the wind howling through her air as she swung on the swings. Maybe she is Tim’s kid after all — has a bit of the ice running through her veins. But you know, I used to love winter too. I think when I broke my back the ice that I had trickled out.

Athena is crying again. I had only five minutes respite there. :(

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