Busy day at work. There was no time to even spend twenty minutes on my novel. Of which I am trying reticify tonight. As of now, in the procrastination fit, I have written 705 words, read up on everyone’s online life, watched 7th Heaven (that was hell), talked with Tim for twenty minutes..and now I have a half hour left of the writing I said I was going to do tonight and haven’t written much. I did make myself some instant coffee though. The apartment is cold. Cold and lonely. And one cat in particular is being a super needy bitch for the past two weeks. I feel bad not giving him all the attention he wants, but he doesn’t sit nicely on your lap. He talks alot and constantly stands up and gets in the way. I love the little bugger, but sometimes he is just a bugger.

I got a letter from Gale, my Canadian friend whose picture I still need to scan and put up. That was nice. She sent me a necklace with Laura on it. I am wearing it now over my turtle neck and hoodie. My tooth is still a living hell. I wonder what the dentist will say tomorrow, or will she just ignore it to fill three of the orginal seven cavities. I am scheduled for a tooth pulling next week, and more filling of cavities…but that tooth never gave me problems. Never hurt. Not like the son of a bitch underneath it. Seems unfair in a way.

Work is stressful too. It seems like no matter how much I try to keep up with everything there is always something more to do. There are so many times during the day that I have to answer five people at once and keep them all happy and busy. Ack. And, on another unrelated note, I don’t really like Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. I have no idea what Tim see’s in this band.

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