Photos! I got more I’ll post tomorrow. :D Also, Athena is two months old today! I’ll do a separate post later for her. If I have time.

Purple lipstick. No just kidding..but purple lips are very Octobery.

Morella was a wreck by the time we left, and Athena was thinking about jumping ship too. Also, that is a very unfortunate placing of wheelchair making me look much fatter than I am. :P

My Mom and Athena. She was asleep at this point. We had to keep an eye on her because she would doze in and out fairy regularly. She had a pillow under her to support Athena which was supported on the table so there was little chance that Athena would fall.

Shane and Athena meet.

Grandpa and Athena — he’s actually pretty good with babies.

Morella and I treat ourselves to a little mint mudmask that I got as a freebie from Lush when I ordered some “Good job on having a new baby” gift to myself.

My Athena

Heading out for a field trip. Morella wears her Halloween gear proudly.


My friend Jessica made this hat, and the duckie one that you will see tomorrow. I get SO many compliments on these hats. She takes orders (even special ones) you know. She has a shop over on Etsy. Go visit her at — she’s really good at what she does.

Morella reads Athena a story.

Chatting the next door neighbors up.

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  1. Anonymous

    The face mask picture is unbearably cute and soft and tender. Morella looks so graceful applying her mask. Maybe she'll be doing Olay commercials someday.I love the picture of the girls reading together, too. Athena looks alert and interested already, like she's saying "Wass next? Wass next?"Their different colorings are amazing. It looks like you'll have Rose Red, Snow White daughters — one dark-haired and gold complected like Mom, and one blonde, blue, and fair like Dad.–SECP

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